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SOLD: My Big Turbo 8J Audi TTRS

Well folks, the day has come – my 2012 Audi TTRS has sold and is off to its new owner in West Virginia!

Why did I sell my 8J Audi TTRS?

I have a child on the way, and while this TTRS has served me well for the last three and a half years, it would not make for a great baby hauler…and living in a popular (and expensive) area of San Diego, keeping it as a weekend car isn’t a very viable option.

My final sale price was $36,000 for the car with all of the modifications except I sold the HREs & Euro Recaro Wingbacks and sold the car with the OEM wheels & seats as pictured below.

You can sell my final picture of the car here:

My last picture before she started her journey out East…

I wanted to preserve my original for sale post for posterity and because it was a pretty good documentation of the car. I also got a lot of compliments on how detailed the for sale posting was, and I’ve blogged about in the past, the best way to sell a modified car online is to be extremely thorough with pictures, details, receipts and disclosures – you’ll never get anything near top dollar with a lazy listing.

For what it’s worth I had easily a half dozen people reach out to me that were seriously interested in the car, and in hindsight I probably could have asked for more or at least held firm on my original asking price of $37K…

Original For Sale Post & Details

Before I get into it, I made a 15 minute long video with a detailed walk through, some driving clips, and a ton of information you can check out on YouTube here:

Key highlights:

  • Full motor build with upgraded internals, big turbo kit and upgraded clutch done by Iroz Motorsports in March 2019 at an expense of $11K; dyno proven gains show a little over 500 whp!
  • Just 7K miles since the motor build and a mere 41.5K on the chassis and rest of the car – extremely low mileage for a 2012
  • Fully documented service history with every receipt while owned. Recent PPI confirmed no outstanding issues and recent maintenance in 2020 includes oil change, spark plugs, battery and new intake manifold cover.
  • Car has a Xpel Clear Bra over entire front clip, is fully ceramic coated, and has a recently resprayed bottom splitter and side skirt to remove any scraping on underside of car – exterior is a 9.5/10
  • Unique and tasteful mods including 034 Motorsport handling mods, MSS Kits springs, and much more (see full mod list here). Please note the HREs and Euro Recaro wingbacks were sold separately.

The car has been meticulously maintained, always garaged (both work and home are indoor garages) and lived its entire life in the Southwest with no exposure to snow, salt, or anything but sunshine and occasional rain.

That being said below I’ll go into more detail about everything you should know before inquiring or making an offer!

Engine & Mechanical Condition

Dyno sheet showing power outputs on Ethanol blend and 91 octanes, respectively

This is where the car is really special.

In March 2019 a full teardown and rebuild of the engine was conducted by famed five cylinder tuning shop Iroz Motorsports in Las Vegas.

As you can see in the dyno sheet above it now does 500.2 WHP and 503.7 FT/LB of torque, although this was before the downpipes and exhaust were modified so the actual figure is larger with these mods installed (check with your local laws, however this car recently passed smog and is fully CA legal as it sits now).

The build took nearly six months to complete due to how backlogged Iroz is with new projects; to recreate this build you should expect to pay $11,468.48 and take approximately 4-6 months to complete. You can see the receipt here.

The motor build included a bored block, custom Mahle pistons, IE connecting rods, ACL rod bearings, ARP studs, a Xona Rotor Hybrid 600 turbo kit, Autotech HPFP, Sachs Clutch, Forge Motorsport Race Intercooler, and United Motorsport tune.

Being built at Iroz Motorsports in Las Vegas

Since the rebuild a mere 7,000 miles have been put on the car without a single issue. In my opinion this is long enough to bring any issues to bear, but not so long that the motor isn’t near-new. I have checked for oil consumption religiously and have never even had to top off the oil, something that is fairly common for built engines.

The tune is by United Motorsport and can be adapted via VAG-COM for 91, 93 or E35 Ethanol blend depending on what’s available where you live. For an additional cost I can include a VAG-COM to switch the tune, or switch it for you myself prior to the new owner taking delivery to the ethanol and max boost settings of your choice. The tune also features launch control (never used by me, but it’s there if you want it), no lift shift (also never used), and on-going updates from any UM dealer.

You can also find documentation from Iroz on recommended oil and maintenance for the kit attached here. I have changed the oil every 3K miles using their recommended oil and replaced the spark plugs last month so that the engine was ready for its new owner.

Removed from the car but included in purchase is a set of secondary cat bypass pipes that were removed for the car to pass CA Smog.

The engine was recently inspected by North County Independent Audi & VW and confirmed to have a clean bill of health.

In addition to a new battery, spark plugs, and oil change, the intake manifold cover was replaced due to a small vacuum leak.

Exterior Condition & Modifications

On the exterior, the car is a 9.5 out of 10.

There no noticeable flaws or defects as I recently had the lower front splitter resprayed along with the driver’s side side skirt to remove damage on the underside.

The front end was clear bra’d using Xpel which cost a little over $1,700 and is holding up well other than some tearing in the front. I chose to leave it on since it was still protecting the car but if it bothers you then I can look into getting it replaced at an additional cost.

The entire car was paint corrected and ceramic coated when I took ownership at 20K miles and has been pampered. I’m a former detailer by trade and took meticulous care of this car.

Additional modifications include clear corners and a carbon fiber rear badge. OSIR carbon fiber rear valance is also available for an additional cost.

Suspension & Wheels

The car is being sold on the stock wheels and tires, both of which have about 20K miles on them. They are in great condition with plenty of life left on them, and IMO it’s one of the best looking OEM wheels Audi has ever made.

I also refinished the calipers, ceramic coated both the wheels and calipers, and added titanium lug bolts to totally update all four corners.

Additionally, the brakes have been thoroughly upgraded including Girodisc two-piece rotors (almost $3K new and less than 10K miles on them), EBC Red Stuff pads (way less dust!), stainless steel lines, and extra brake dusting…I also painted them red for style points.

Suspension modifications include

The underside is also very clean as the car has never really been driven in snow or adverse conditions, with a picture above to demonstrate.

Stock parts are included in the sale including springs, rotors, pads, sway bar, shifter cable bushings and even the brake lines, although I have no idea why you’d replace the latter!

Interior Condition and Modifications

The interior of this car is relatively stock. I have added oCarbon dash trim throughout the car, but the rest of my mods have been reverted back to stock.

Luckily the OEM interior on this car is quite lovely, as Audi has always been known for nailing it with their timeless interiors.

Followers of this blog will note at one point I had OEM European Recaro Wingbacks installed, but they were sold privately. The car will come with the factory seats that were treated in CQuartz leather treatment. The bolsters are in great shape and have minimal wear.

I have also returned to the factory radio/navigation unit (RNS-E II) as the aftermarket Xtrons system crapped out after about six months of use.

The most important part of the interior, of course, is that lovely six speed manual. Good luck finding that in most cars anymore!

Asking Price & Options

Okay enough about the car already – how much ya want?

My asking price is $37,000 OBO, which includes all of the stock parts I have too.

In this mileage and condition the KBB value of the car is $31,575 to $35,643, then add approximately $20K of modifications and a fresh motor build with only 7K miles on it, then a price of around $37K is a great value in my opinion.

If you check out other TTRSs on CarGurus, Autotrader, etc. similar mileage TTRS are listed in the high 30s or even low 40s with not nearly as well of a service history, modification and maintenance records.

To inquire, please email me at nick.roshon@gmail.com

Please note price is firm for now – I placed a feeler ad on Facebook a few weeks ago and got multiple people interested, so I’m confident this will sell at my asking price to the right buyer, and I have time to be patient and find the right home for this car I’ve enjoyed so much.

More Pics!

In no particular order, here are tons of pictures over the years. Please note in some pictures there are modifications that might have been changed or refinished.

Nick Roshon

Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick's Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


  1. Always selling the cleanest of cars, Nick. Wish I had the means to pickup your S4 when you were getting rid of it.
    Best of luck with selling the TTRS, one of, if not THE, cleanest, and best modified TTRS out there!

  2. I have a quick question… I noticed in the pics above a red wastegate actuator peeking out. Do you know the brand or model that was used?

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