My Audi TT-RS

I acquired my beloved 2012 Audi TTRS in January, 2017, and it is now for sale: you can read the listing here.

This car replaced my B7 Audi S4 which I loved dearly, but was ready to own my first “true” sports car.  There were only 1,407 Audi TT-RS imported to the US, and only 151 in Ibis White, making this quite a rare car.

I purchased the car with just 20,700 miles on the odometer put on it over the first 5 years of its life, and the previous owner had obviously cared a lot for it given by the lack of wear on the car inside and out.

The TTRS was only available in the US as a manual transmission, and had very few options since it was already the top of the line trim for the Audi TT. My particular car came fully loaded with every option except alcantara seats, which includes:

  • Tech Package – Navigation, AMI, Bose, Parking Sensors, Adaptive Headlights, and Interior LEDs
  • Titanium Sport Exhaust Package – sport exhaust, 19″ titanium rotor-design wheels, titanium grille
  • Electric Folding Carbon Mirrors
  • Heated Front Seats

Power Modifications

While the car had plenty of power with just a tune and secondary cat bypass system, I had some mechanical troubles that required an engine out service. While I was at it, I took advantage of the opportunity to have the motor completely built by Iroz Motorsports, and upgraded to a Xona Rotor big turbo kit and a Sachs clutch while we are at it.

Additional mods include:

Suspension & Handling Modifications:

Wheels & Tires

As an avid wheel collector, I went through several setups on this car, although still not as many as I had on my B7 S4. My car spent most of it’s time on these gorgeous HRE P47SC which I’ve since sold, but under my ownership I had them refinished twice and rocked them in a total of three finishes; matte black (what they came in), gloss gold (refinish #1), and brushed dark clear (refinish #2). The latter was definitely my favorite, although I enjoyed all of the looks and really dig how easy and affordable it was to get my wheels refinished versus having to buy a new set.

Aesthetic Modifications

I aimed to keep the car OEM plus in its appearance. The TTRS already has revised body work including front bumper, wing, rear bumper, grille, and side skirts, so it needed little else. Throughout my ownership I added (and removed) several carbon fiber parts by OSIR to change up the look, but ultimately I think it looked cleanest in stock form as the Ibis White contrasts with the black grilles & titanium wheels quite nicely.

Interior Modifications

The interior also stayed mostly stock except for oCarbon trim, and my glorious European Recaro Wingbacks. I sold them only a few weeks ago since writing this and already miss them dearly.

It’s been a great car and I wouldn’t be selling it if I didn’t need the space, but alas all good things must eventually come to an end.

If you’re in the market or know someone who is, please spread the word. You can also check out this video I recorded of a walk through and sound clips here:

Thanks for checking out my TTRS!

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