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034 Motorsport Rear Subframe Mount Insert Review

I’ve been on a roll recently with 034 Motorsport upgrades, installing about one a month and enjoying a nice improvement in driving dynamics each time. My latest mod is the 034 Rear Subframe Mount Inserts, a $130 upgrade that takes a little under an hour to install. Like the dogbone mount insert I installed before it, the main advantage is that it takes some of the slop out of the OEM rubber bushings by filling the voids, while having a negligible impact on noise, vibration, or harshness. Rather than try to explain exactly how it works, this video produced by 034 is worth 1,000 words – it’s really quite impressive how much less movement there is:

The mod plays nicely with my MSS kits springs, helping further reducing squatting on hard acceleration and improving with cornering, too. From a daily driver perspective, I don’t notice any difference in ride quality and driving at a constant speed feels just as quiet and comfortable as before. For $130, this is a mod you have nothing to lose with!

Before – Factory washer
After – 034 Mount Inserts

Install is pretty straightforward using 034’s installation instructions. You don’t really need any special tools or skills to install, but do a quick inventory and make sure you have everything you need to complete the install including blue loctite, silicone grease, 18mm socket, and a torque wrench. The whole project only takes 45 minutes (or less) if you have everything on-hand:

Likewise, a few tips for the install:

  • The factory washers are a little tricky to remove, blast them with some WD40 and let sit for a few minutes to help
  • The rear ones are easiest, so do those first. I started with rear passenger which was easy to access and get a feel for the project
  • Only do one at a time, like the 034 Install guide says (repeatedly) otherwise you’ll throw your alignment out of whack
  • No need to replace the bolts (unless they have visible damage), just use some blue loctite and you’re fine
  • Wear gloves, don’t be like me…this is a messy project as shown by my hands below:


Difference in thickness of OEM (L) and 034 (R)

If you need help locating them, two are behind the rear axle and two are just in-front of it, and both are pretty much right in line with the exhaust tips.

While you’re down there, it’s also a good time to do the zip-tie mod. What’s the zip-tie mod you ask? Locate the vacuum hose just behind the driver’s side exhaust tip that controls the valve that opens/closes the exhaust for more noise in sport mode…if you simply zip tie a kink in the hose, the valve is always open – which means more sound! Even in sport mode the exhaust valve is not open until a certain RPM (around 3,000 RPM, I believe) so this makes lower RPMs significantly louder, while higher RPMs are unchanged. It sounds great, and allows you to have the sport mode sound without having to to turn on sport mode and get the sport mode ride stiffness. Best of all, simply cut the zip tide to reverse it:

There you have it – another easy, affordable, and substantial upgrade to driving dynamics from 034 Motorsport…and a free exhaust mod too, just for good measure!

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