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Oscar’s Avus Silver B7 RS4 with Euro Interior

Oscar is a long-time Audi enthusiast who I had the pleasure of meeting this past weekend, and I’m super excited to share his car here.

What started as a pretty basic US-spec 2008 Audi RS4 with a mere 34K miles on the odometer when he bought it was slowly and methodically transformed into the “enthusiast-spec” RS4 you see today.

The B7 RS4 is an amazing car because the changes in appearance are subtle yet immediately appreciated by enthusiasts.

Oscar took this one step further to make more of these subtle changes that only true Audi aficionados will notice, but most definitely admire.

For starters, Oscar’s RS4 has custom carbon fiber touches everywhere.

Mirror caps? Check

Custom grille surround? Check

Wingback seats? Check

…and if that weren’t enough, the car has about an equal number of Euro-spec mods such as the seats, push-button start, cupholder delete, tail-lights, and much more.

Even as I met Oscar he had a new M Carbon rear diffuser that he’d been hunting for months to acquire, as they were discontinued a while back.

The relentless pursuit of perfection never escapes a true enthusiast, especially someone with an 11 year old car.

What’s probably most noticeable are the seats. For whatever silly reason, we never got the cool wingback Recaro seats that our European counterparts did…and because it was a rare option even in the EU, they’re nearly impossible to come by.

This didn’t deter Oscar, who imported them literally one-by-one from a dealer in Europe, a process that was both slow and expensive.

He was then able to find carbon fiber seatbacks and trim pieces to make these ultra-rare seats even more remarkable, giving him one of the best RS4 interiors in the US.

To finish out the interior, Oscar made a number of enhancements including a push-button start (all OEM parts), Euro center console, flat-bottom R8 wheel (with RS4 badge), Audi Exclusive floor matts, carbon fiber shifter, carbon fiber e-brake, JHM short shifter, a dash cam, and Sprint Booster module.

Phew, that’s a lot!

The interior came together great, and I love the contrast with the platinum door cards and rear seats. I had the platinum silver interior in my last B7, and while I loved the look, the front seats were difficult to maintain. Oscar’s combo has the best of the both worlds, giving a two-tone look while maintaining black seats in front to better hide any imperfections or dirt.

The outside also has some choice modifications done to it, starting with the wheels.

Oscar got the inspiration for the wheels after seeing Moyzes’ RS4 featured on this site several years ago. Moyzes has since sold the car, but Oscar ordered the same spec and design of AG M580 wheels, but in polished Grigio instead of Brushed.

It’s tough to say which I like better, as both finishes are very similar and striking.

When I eventually get my HREs refinished, I’ll likely go a very similar route as Oscar & Moyzes, as the dark gunmetal color provides just the right amount of contrast IMO.

The car is then lowered on Bilstein Sport struts and H&R springs, providing a great stance that still rides well.

My favorite mod was oddly enough the Euro tailights which have a small bit of amber, and were one of the cheapest mods done to the car.

But what most people probably notice is the custom carbon fiber bits – starting with the grille surround. No one makes this, so I’ve never seen one before other than vinyl wrap…but this is the real deal, no vinyl here.

Oscar’s father-in-law specializes in aerospace and medical grade carbon fiber equipment, and commissioned the grille surround, mirror caps, and oil cooler diffuser. They’re literally 1 of 1, making this car even more unique than your average (if there is such thing) RS4.

Other exterior modifications include blacked out headlights, IngoNoak tuning chin splitter, debadged trunk, blacked out front rings, and probably a few other mods that both Oscar and I are forgetting.

Last but not least, we go on to the engine.

The RS4 has a V8 that is completely different than the S4, and was only shared with the R8…horsepower was bumped to 420 hp stock, and Oscar added a Revo Stage 2 tune and Milltek non-resonated exhaust and downpipes to open the car up more.

The car sounded amazing, which is another major selling point of the RS4 in the US: it’s a four door with a manual with a V8 and factory wide body, something Audi hasn’t produced since and probably won’t ever again.

Given how great you can make this car for a fraction of the cost of a new Audi, it’s no wonder that enthusiasts like Oscar are opting to modify a car built in 2008 than by a new RS model from 2018; they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

His favorite part of the car? When people ask “Where’d you buy the body kit?” after folks notice the OEM fenders.

While I love the new RS3 and almost bought them, it’s tragic Audi didn’t give it a widened stance like the RS4 has…even bone stock, the B7 RS4 commands such a better presence.

We rounded out the morning by taking pictures of Oscar’s RS4 at my favorite spot in La Jolla, which is the same spot I photographed Moyzes RS4 nearly 4 years ago. In those 4 years, the design of the car hasn’t aged a bit, and if anything has grown even more timeless.

Even taking pictures of it next to my car, the RS4 looks like it could be the same age, and funny enough our cars had about the same mileage on the clock as well.

Both cars seem to have the same issues too – occasional oil consumption, the need for a periodic carbon clean, and being a little overweight for their size.

But the RS4 is now significantly cheaper, more practical, and the sound of the RS4 can’t be beat.

Suddenly, I’m finding myself on CarGurus and Autotrader looking for a low-milage RS4; just don’t tell my wife.

Nick Roshon

Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick's Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


  1. This was such a wonderful article to read up on, as I love what Oscar did to his Avus Silver Pearl. I have done quite a bit of the same to my 2008 Avus Sil. Pearl as well. I went with the AG 590 Brush. Grigio, and receive numerous compliments on the wheels and color. Nevertheless, you have definitely put a big cheesy smile on my face, while read your post and knowing that I am not one of the few who really appreciate these V8 6SPMT Unicorns.

  2. wow absolutely amazing RS4.. what size are those wheels?..already bought one here down under in Australia and I’m looking forward to do the same.

  3. Nick,
    I recently bought a 2007 RS4 and I follow Oscar on IG. He has changed his wheel to a 19″ about which, I would love to find the brand and fitment information. If you still talk to Oscar, can you inquire for me please?

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