My B7 S4


I picked up my 2006 Audi S4 in February of 2012 with just 24,000 miles on the clock – I spotted the car as a trade-in at the local Porsche dealer and it was exactly what I wanted; manual transmission, Brilliant Red, and even a Platinum Silver interior. I traded in my A4 to buy her, but I kept a lot of my aftermarket parts that would swap over, so some of the parts I’ve installed may look familiar.

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I’ve really been enjoying the S4 – the 4.2L V8 is a blast to drive. especially with the manual transmission. And after modifying the suspension, it’s even more fun to drive as it handles on rails! The exterior and interior are all pretty familiar from owning my A4, other than a few nice upgrades such as the RNS-E navigation unit and backup sensors. It makes a great daily driver and handles great on the track, bringing that “best of both worlds” experience I look for in a car…


Factory Equipment:

  • 4.2 liter V8, 340 horsepower and 302 ft/lbs of torque
  • 6 speed manual
  • Brilliant Red on Platinum Silver
  • Cold Weather Package
  • Premium Package
  • Optional 18″ BBS CO Wheels with TPMS
  • Navigation/RNS-E
  • Carbon Fiber Trim
  • Backup sensors

Exterior Mods:


Interior Mods:


Suspension & Performance Mods:


Current & Past Wheel Setups


Lighting & Misc. Mods:


Wish list & other plans:

  • JHM Headers
  • JHM Supercharger
  • Re-upholster interior
  • Custom Status Ring seats or Recaro Sportsters in Platinum Silver
  • Gloss black roof


  1. Andre from South Africa here. Nice site and Damn a new Ride again. I like it. Can’t wait 2 see ur mods and future 4 this car.

  2. Nick just a question. I have an Audi A4 2L T full S line package. Currently the car has 18inch Audi rims on it. The Fender gap. Between the tire and arch is about 6 -8 cm. I’m in the process of saving money for new rims but I can’t decide between 19s and 20inch rims. Please advise me as to the pros and cons please I don’t want to spend my money and then be sorry. Nl 19s looking to small and 20s making the Car to sluggish. Plz I await your reply.

  3. I strongly recommend 19s over 20s. I think 20s look to big and they’re also going to have a harsher ride and require more expensive tires. 19s are perfect in terms of size. The fender gap I can’t help you with though, lowering springs or coilovers are really the only ways to get rid of that…

  4. hey nick, im looking to by 19inch oem rs4 wheels (size 255/35 R19 ). I have a b7 a4 with oem 17 inch wheels. Will these wheels work, do I need spacers?

  5. They’ll work, and you definitely won’t need spacers. If anything, you’ll need a drop otherwise they might look a little too aggressive and poke out a bit too much.

  6. I ask this because people on audizine say that the arc for the wheel arches on the rs4 are bigger because of the wheel,and the a4 has to little of arches for the wheels.

  7. This is true, but you will find people that run OEM RS4 wheels on a A4/S4 fender. A lot of times they’ll downsize the tires to 245 or 235 width with a little stretch to prevent rubbing, but if you’re not lowered then that probably won’t happen much anyway…

  8. Hey Nick great blog and awesome car. I have never been to into the customization and aftermarket accessories for cars, but can really appreciate it when someone works so hard. I love the Cardinal red and couldn’t agree more the interior. Black leather and Arizona summers do not mix well at all. Thanks again for the great blog!

  9. Hi Nick, I’m just after a bit of advice.
    I’ve got a 2007 A4 S Line (2.0T Quattro, sadly not the S4!) and I had a bit of an argument with a signpost on black ice. Fortunately it seems to just be cosmetic to the front bumper, bonnet and grille so I am going to have to replace all three!
    Thankfully though this gives me the excuse to spend a bit of money on changing the style (the Audi red shows up stone chips like nothing else). I’ve gone for a RS4 B8 style bumper designed for a A4 B7. I was wondering, with what you’ve done to your collection previously, on what you think the RS4 bumper looks like on it’s own opposed to the full RS4 bodykit. I’m just a little unsure as to whether it will look right on the car, and if I’m going to have to break into the AM Vantage fund for the full bodykit!

  10. Jack – first of all, sorry to hear about your accident…I’ve been there, it sucks. Glad you’re still in good spirits.

    In terms of the B8 RS4 style bumper, I think I know the one you’re speaking of and I’ve only seen one other car that has it. When you have it fitted, please email me some pictures! I’d love to share them here. I think it’ll look good, if I recall correctly it’s pretty aggressive so hopefully you have some other mods to support it. My email is

  11. Nick,
    I have talked to you before on flickr about some of the different mods. I have the Audi A4 B7 in the brilliant red so our cars are pretty similar. I am getting my windows tinted and I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on what to look for. I really like your tint job and was wondering if you know the percent tinting on the windows. If you could get back to me it would be well appreciated.

  12. Hey Brooks! Good to hear from you. To be honest, the tint was put on by the dealership so I didn’t have a say in it. I believe it’s just 35% as the dealership will never go below the legal minimums.

  13. Hi Nick,

    Wanted to say hi as been quite a fan of your site for a while. I’ve actually sold my 2011 IS250 (which I had for 6 months) to buy a 2007 B7 S4 because of you! That and as I live in the UK, its handy to have 4wd when the snow is here! Anyway, keep up your site, as I am using it as a major source of information and tips for my motor.

    Thanks again! 😀

  14. Thank Mike! I ordered a JHM Short Shifter as part of their Holiday Sale, so that’s the next mod I have planned. I’m still a bit behind on reviewing some mods I’ve already installed, so look for a review on the STaSIS catback, and STaSIS Rear BBK soon as well 🙂

  15. Nice

    Your the reason I’m looking to trade my A4 for either a S or RS4 come Feb.

    Love the reviews, they’re so insightful

  16. Nice

    Your the reason I’m looking to trade my A4 for either a S or RS4 come Feb.

    Love the reviews, they’re so insightful.

  17. Wow what an awesome upgrade to your a4. Looks so good in racing red! Can’t wait to see else you add in the future

  18. Hey Nick,
    You have one sweet looking S4. The carbon fiber trim and flat bottom wheel look great! I’m doing an interior color change on my B7 RS4 and was hoping you could help me with something. It looks like your S4 has all black switches in the dashboard above the navi unit. What is the part number for the blank/dummy switch to the right of the pop out storage drawer on your car? I’m trying to change all of the dashboard switches on my car to the all black versions, like those installed on your car, instead of the ones with chrome accent strips that my vehicle came with, and that dummy switch is the only one I don’t have a part number for. Unfortunately the parts guys at my local Audi dealership haven’t been too helpful. The part number will be stamped on the back of the blank/dummy switch and the dummy switch pops out easily with a plastic trim pry tool. If it isn’t too much trouble, I’d appreciate it if you could have a look and let me know.

  19. just bought myself a 05.5 s4 w 34k on it looking to get a catback exhaust already have millitek on it is it worth it?

  20. Performance wise the gains will be minimal at best of changing (a few HP at most, nothing you will really be able to feel), so it’s up to you in terms of how you like the sound (or not). If you have the resonated version, another option is to have a muffler shop remove the resonators to make it louder…should be cheap.

  21. Hey, just wondering if you’re planning to get the JHM Rear LSD? Figure your S4 already has the 4:1 split, so curious what your take with a rlsd would be

  22. Funny you ask, Mike – I just got the LSD installed last week, and have been having a fun time this weekend testing it combined with the JHM Launch Assist. A full review & videos are coming soon, but so far I’m very pleased!! I’m able to chirp all four wheels at launch, and for the first time ever in this car I experienced this crazy thing called oversteer all of my Mustang friends have been telling me about 😉

  23. Can’t wait. I’m jonesin’ to get one for by next year or after my birthday (12/12)

    All I’d need is the 4:1 afterwards, got the 034 RSB + End links, so all set to go

  24. i love the mods you’ve done on your car, i have a red b7 s4 too so i can use your car as a type of “preview” haha. i’m looking at putting on 19 x 9.5″ wheels on mine to get a nice flush to the outside of the wheel well look but can’t find a definite answer for if they will rub or not. some people on forums say yes and some say no. i’d like to drop it down about an inch on some coil overs eventually to finish up the rest of the wheel gap and stiffen it up a bit. i also keep seeing people talk about tire stretching and it seems like tire manufacturers would have a 9.5″ wide tire. (thanks in advance!)

  25. Thanks, Tom! You can fit 9.5 but it will be very tight on rubbing. I ran OEM S5 Peelers that were 19×9 ET33 and they rubbed just very slightly on hard cornering or over bumpers, so I’d imagine with 9.5″ wheels it will be even more important to pay attention to offsets, and you may want to try to stretch a 235 width tire on them. I’m not an expert at stancing wheels and whatnot so that’s just my hunch, check out these threads for some ideas on fitment: & &

  26. First off, I love your work and just about every time I go to mod something on my car I check out your blog first. I have a b7a4 and I’m looking at buying a set of esm 004 19×9.5 square with et 40 all around. I found a b6 with a set of these with the exact same specs and it looks amazing; I’m just worried that 19×9.5 et40’s will be too much for the front. I’d like to get your opinion.

    here’s the b6:

    The guy said he’s running 5mm spacers in the rear right now but he’s thinking about putting the 5’s up front and putting 10’s in the rear.


  27. If it fits on his B6, I can’t see why it wouldn’t fit just as well on a B7…I don’t think brake clearance should be much different, and the fender itself has nearly identical lines and clearance. I will say I’m not typically a huge fan of BBS LM reps, but those do look pretty sick on that B6 and fill the fenders perfectly, so I’d imagine they will look great on your car, too. My guess is you might have some rubbing on hard corners or speed bumps, so if you were really worried about it you could go for a skinnier tire and run a little stretch, maybe a 225 instead of a 235/35/19 that he is running. Good luck, post some pics if you go that route – and thanks for the kind words on my car and website!

  28. Hi Nick, when i take a look first time in your blog,i found you know this Gallardo wheels. It’s amazing, and unfortunately i can’t sleep very weel until i get a set of this gallardo rims:-) I found some on ebay too,but very rare and expensive. One guy have in Canada one set with newest ones yokohama tires,but the installed the typical gallardo sizes on the wheels. So i don’t know what can i do with 295/30 19 tires. this is the auction:

    Do you have maybe somewhere any friend who want to sell just the wheels for me? Of course any better value.

    Have u every checked in real these non genuine wheels?- what is your opinion? Thanks Robert from Hungary.

  29. Hi Robert – sorry I’m a bit slow to reply, I was in meetings all day. They’re really hard to find, I bought mine used on Craigslist for really cheap but the replicas aren’t a bad way to go if you’re on a budget. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to buy a set of four, sell the rears, then buy another set of four and sell the rears again. There is no easy way to fit them otherwise. They’re a tough wheel to find, which is what makes the look so cool – you’ll be very unique!

  30. do you think i can’t put on my rs4 these set?

    Front side:
    2x 19×8,5″ (Zoll) ET 41,9 (215/35ZR19)

    Rear side:
    2x 19×11,0″ (Zoll) ET 55,3 mit (265/30ZR19 93Y)

    im not so specialist on tires sizes. so you used in your s4 four pieces same 19x 8″5?

    thanks your reply.

  31. Sorry Robert – didn’t realize you have an RS4…you might be able to fit the 11s in that case, you’d just need spacers. I really don’t know. the 8.5″ front wheels will be too narrow for the widebody, so it’s totally different than fitting on my car. I’d try to keep a square setup if you can (all four wheels the same width).

  32. hi Nick.

    I have two question.

    I made some upgrade on my rs4.

    Do you have any idea,how can i replace you know into the left and right headlight the index from orange ” yellow ” to white?

    And maybe i can buy any white ones on the four door? Now its lighting like red ones,i like to change to white.

  33. Sweet car, Nick! I have a B7 A4 with stock, 17″ split 5-spoke wheels. I am about to install Eibach Pro springs and Bilstein Sport shocks. Thinking about adding 12mm spacers all around to enhance appearance without risk of rubbing. Does 12mm sound right?

  34. I have the 3.2 L s-line a4. There’s 17’s on right right now stock. I can get custom 17’s for free to go with my brand new michilen tires, or go out and buy 18″ rims with new tires. Looking for a second opinion????

  35. I know it’s more money, but 18s or 19s fill the fender well a lot better. Aftermarket 17s can sometimes look a little funky, but if you have a style of wheel you really like than go for it. Personal preference at that point 🙂

  36. Hey Ryan – that sounds aggressive, but I think it should be okay. Remember you’ll need longer lug bolts too, since they need to be 12mm longer to be fully threaded as well. You might want to go with 10mm to be safe if you’re worried about rubbing, but I believe the OEM wheels are pretty weak offset (ET43?) so they can definitely go out another 10mm no problem…

  37. Awesome job on the Audi. That is one nice ride. I’m currently building an AUDI A4 2.0T. About half way there. Anyone know what those are called on the lower tear fenders?
    Want to order a pair. Love the hood too. Nice add. I’m tracking one down.

  38. Thanks Nick, I wonder if you knew: 2008 Audi 2.0t QUATTRO FSI, I am trying to figure out this cars true identity. If it’s a B7 or B8…… if it’s an SLINE or not. It does have SLINE inner door sills but no other branding. Automatic not standard I read AUDI added these to non SLINE cars but that’s all they added. Also that they changed things on the A4 mid way through 2008. Do you know if that’s correct? Trying to buy some parts but for anyone who has an SLINE you know it’s an important detail that can’t be ignored or the parts will not fit. Thanks.

  39. There is much heated debate on this topic actually Coz, here is what I can tell you:
    – In 2006-2008 the S-Line was a comprehensive package that included changes to the exterior (front & rear bumpers, door blades, grille, paint matched rear valence, etc.), interior (3 spoke sport wheel, door sills, etc.), and wheels & suspension (sport suspension that lowers about 1″, 18″ wheels, high performance tires, beefier sway bar).
    – In 2008 (in the US) they made all A4s have the S-line exterior package, meaning you got the nicer front & rear bumpers, door blades, etc. However, they didn’t necessarily come with the full “S-line Package” that includes interior and suspension upgrades such as the 3 spoke steering wheel, 18″ wheels, and lowered suspension.

    So your 2008 might be a S-line, or it must just have S-line bumpers/exterior package.

  40. Thanks Nick. The original rims were four spoke 18″ and weighed a ton. Since replaced with lightweight 19″ along with cross drilled brakes, lowering springs, Bilstein shocks and paddle shift steering wheel. The rear sway bar was not beefier. Had a look at it when they removed it. Pretty sad.I had that replaced with an RS4 version. The car had lots of sway in the corners but not anymore. Rear trunk has a bit of a flip on it at the back plus I’ve added a spoiler since. Everything on the exterior is color matched excluding the grille and chrome which I’m getting rid of. Sounds to me like it’s just the basic SLINE but it’s a real issue trying to order the hood and RS4 grille when I don’t know if it is classified as a real SLINE. Most parts I look at nine times out of ten say “non SLINE”. I’ve contacted Audi for clarification but haven’t heard anything back yet. Pretty misleading marketing I’d say. I’m guessing it is a B8 but so far that’s all I know until I get confirmation on what model it is. Thanks again for all the info!

  41. Hi Nick this is awesome blog. I got lots of information from here. A question that i could not get answered feom hours of searching. A friend of mine is offering a rim 19×8.5 et 45 and tires 255 35 19 for really cheap (actually i have bought them off from him). Do u think it will fit my audi b7 s4 without spacer? And what size tuner lug do i need? Thanks Nick

  42. Hi Chris – it’s difficult to say, those are pretty wide tires so there is a chance it might rub on the inside along the upper control arms, but I think you might be okay. Are these B8 S4 wheels by chance? I’d maybe add 5mm spacers both to add some inner clearance and make the wheels a little more flush, but they should be fine anyway. Are you lowered? It might be tricky running that width of tire if you’re super slammed, but not impossible.

  43. I have an 08 A4. I PUT 19″ p235 35 19’s on. Also added lowering kit. Looks great. Had P245’s. A little chunkier on the sidewall but still looked ok. Depends if you want a low pro look.

  44. I have 245s on right now and they rub a little on the outer fender, but my ET is 35 and not 45. The 235s are probably the most easy to accommodate, which is why I worry those 255s are going to be tough unless you get the offset spot-on. I think a final ET of about 40 should do the trick, but you’re going to have to play around with it some and see.

  45. 255’s are too big. 245’s looked chunky. I disliked the look so much I took off four brand new michelin SS’s. I’d rethink your choice. It’s amazing how much better low pros look vs the other.

  46. Thanks Nick for response. My car is not lowered and due to road condition where i am, i do not think i will lower it. The rim is not from b8. Its a brand called tenso. I was curious if offset needed to be changed (to make them fit) from 45 so that i can decide on the length of the tuner bolt. At this point i am not even sure the setup i have will work in my car. Do u think my tires are too big at stock height? Thx

  47. The tires should fit, but they are borderline too big. Keep in mind they’ll also be taller than your stock wheels/tires since a 35 sidewall is proportionate to/a percentage of width, so this will technically lift your car a tiny bit. Test fit them first and check clearance, then consider some 5mm spacers. You can run stock bolts on 5mm spacers, or get bolts that are 5mm longer if that makes you nervous.

  48. Hi Nick the tire is on the audi and it looks awesome. I needed to use 5mm spacer to give a little more room between the tire and upper control arm. There was maybe less than 2mm gap without spacers. Thx. Another question that i have is the engine mount. My left one is bad and thinking of changing all of them. Mine audi is automatic and not really sure if they are the same as the manual transmission. Some guys said that they differ. Do you have any recommendations?

  49. Hi, I have an Audi A4(b7) 3.2 Quattro base sedan. I recently changed my wheels and tyres to 235/40/18 from 17″ 235/45/17 and there is a strange vibration or wobble when I cruise at 80kms and above. I was told to change the tyres to fix the problem so I changed to Pirelli tyres and the problem still exists, is it because of the mag wheels itself or any other issue? Please advice as I am tired trying to fix the issue. Thanks

  50. My guess is either the wheel is bent (high speed vibration is common on bent wheels), the wheel is out of balance (the weights on the inside of the wheel fell off), you need an alignment, or maybe you need hubcentric rings if the centerbores are off.

  51. Thanks nick, also was planning to change the wheels to 19×8 5/112 45p 66.6 mm wheels, A4 (B7) 3.2 Quattro – base sedan? Would it fit straight away? Thanks again nick 🙂

  52. You’ll need hubcentric rings to take the inner hub from 66.5mm to 57.1mm, like these: (PS – I assume you mean 66.56 which is standard B8 Audi fitment, and not 66.6 which I’m not very familiar with)

    The offset of 45 isn’t bad, and should fit, but I would recommend 10mm spacers and extended lug bolts to make it look perfectly flush if you plan to keep it for a while. Spacers: Lug Bolts:

    Here is a good post to learn more about spacers:

  53. Hi nick, your post on spacers was extremely helpful. I found another wheel which is 35p, would it be better? Thanks

  54. Nick, thanks for the well written advice. Your experience and the plain language explanations help me understand many of the issues. I have just bought a 09 MT S4 cabriolet (Sprint blue, 34K miles) and I am sorting through some of its quirks and problems. I have a basic question on this “last year of the breed” –is this any different than other B7 S4s? As you know only the cabs were B7s that year and few were made. Some parts sites recognize the 09 S4 only as a B8. When ordering parts should I (can I) use the 08 S4 as the model and year of my car despite it being an 09? I want to replace a driver’s side tail assembly because of a cracked lens. I’m having trouble making sure the correct assembly is requested.
    The “push to talk” button does not seem operational for any function. Is there a specific method to activate this button? I also want to get the DVD for the installed Audi Navigation plus RSN-E (no DVD came with the car). Apparently the nav function only works with the DVD installed. There are several purchase options that also seem overlapping and confusing. Which part number do I buy? Do you know if the “push to talk” only becomes operational with the DVD in place? When I push the “talking head” button I only get a “”no function” message.
    I have no experience with a VAG-Com but would like to get one. What are the parts from Ross-Tech that you suggest? I know that i’ve asked many questions but you seem to be the guy with the answers and, like you, I really enjoy this car and want to keep it working at its full potential. Thanks for your help–very much appreciated. Once I sort out some of the minor issues I plan to use your advice for a snub mount and short throw shifter. Regards

  55. Hi Phil – first of all, congrats on the car. A sprint blue convertible is pretty rare!

    For parts, I would suggest just ordering 08 S4 Cabriolet parts just to be safe. Please note the tail lights are different between sedan and Cab so be sure you order the Cab specific ones.

    For Push to Talk you can pick up the DVD from a dealership or eBay, or you could by a bootleg/backup disc online. If you were to go the latter route, check out this thread and you can find a guy who can provide them for like $30 IIRC:

    For Ross-Tech it is just their USB cable is all you need, the software is free. I bought mine from Europaparts:

  56. Hi Nick, its me again. I couldn’t find a suitable set of wheels for my Audi A4 B7 therefore i had to sell it 🙁 and now i got a Audi A4 B8 (3.2 Quattro) 🙂 i like this new car but i really miss the grunt which i had in my B7. I am again in a bit of a pickle, i am changing the wheels as i love to have the best looking wheels on my car and a big fan of the Classic S4 5 spoke wheels. the current set up is 8JX18H2 ET47 hub size 66.67 (or something close) and i have found a new set of wheels online. the seller has given the following details of the new wheels 8.5JX19H2 ET48, but he does not know the hub size. would you recommend me to go for this as the wheels look really good, its just that i do not want to make the mistake i did last time and i really need your help on this. Thanks Again Nick.



  57. Hi Loh – you can always get hubcentric rings, so don’t worry too much about the hub size…the centering rings are only like $20 and will fit perfect. That setup should work just fine, although you may want to run a 5-10mm spacer to make the wheels sit fully flush, that offset seems a bit high to me.

  58. Aw, sweet! Thanks Nick. You the best ?? also, what Tyre spec would your recommend ? Thanks again Nick.

  59. Hi Nick, I finally got a nice set of Goodyear assymetric wheels on but the mag wheels hub don’t fit. I guess the mag wheels hub is 57. Something and my cars hub is 66.6 🙁 do you recommend me going to the lathe machine shop or any other option? I am so disappointed with what happened today:( mine is a 2008 3.2 ltr Quattro (b8)

  60. Strange – in the US the 2008 model year is a B7 (8E) chassis, which has 57.1 hubs. I don’t really recommend trying to have it machined out, it needs to be really precise and if they mess up at all the wheels will wobble and have virtually no resale value. Will the place you bought the wheels from allow returns for unmounted wheels?

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