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034 Motorsport Audi TTRS Cold Air Intake

A great looking, great sounding way to increase power on your MK2 TTRS

Updated with First-Hand Experience: August, 2017!

Nearly two years after the 034 Motorsport released their carbon fiber cold air intake for the MK2 Audi TTRS, I’m delighted to say I now own both a TTRS and said intake. I posted about this product when it first came out below based on the initial release details supplied by 034 themselves, so I’ve updated this post with more information now that I’m super familiar with it. Based on the specs and testing mentioned below I was excited to get my hands on this intake – a nice bump in HP & TQ, coupled with some great looks sounds like a win-win. It came in an oversized box via 034 Motorsport and I installed in under an hour following the directions on their website, which were very straightforward. Other than spending a little longer than I care to admit on the factory clamps (same annoying design as my B7!), it was an easy install just about anyone can do with basic tools.

In person the details of the part are great – I love the raised 034 lettering on the intake pipe, the quality of weave is really good, and everything looks like it could be OEM. For engine dress-up purposes alone this part is worth the money, but it has other advantages too.

One of the most notable features is the increase in sound; because it is an open box, you can hear the intake sucking in sound under acceleration, and letting off pressure when you shift or release the throttle. It’s a little louder than I thought it would be, and something you wouldn’t mistake as OEM. While not as obnoxious as an aftermarket blow-off valve, it’s not far off either. Coupled with my secondary cat bypass pipes, this car now sounds super mean…and I love it.

Another great feature is that it will be easy to remove for emissions testing, and accessing the filter for cleaning is simple too. It’s low maintenance, easy to install, sounds cool, and gives a bump in power. For $795 this is a must-have for the TTRS, and far surpasses the bang for the buck of nearly any part I bought for my B7 S4.

I’ve updated the pictures in the original post to include more pictures taken by me, just to show off how good this thing looks. Otherwise, I’ve kept the original post in tact from when the product was first released.

Original Post (Aug, 2015):

034 Motorsport has just released their all-new carbon fiber air intake for the Audi TTRS and after getting the scoop from the guys over at 034 themselves, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this product! 034 Motorsport put an extensive amount of testing and R&D into creating this intake, which nets up to 16HP and 13 ft-lbs torque on the already peppy 2.5L I5 engine. Better yet when combined with their RS500 Turbo kit it produces even bigger gains, making the TTRS a true wolf in sheep’s clothing – and if you’re not familiar with their turbo upgrade kit for the TTRS, then check out this video with the Smoking Tire and prepare to want one:

Anyone familiar with the B7 platform knows you can’t just put an air filter on a cone and call it a cold-air intake – many of the intakes made for the B7 were actually shown to increase temperature of the ambient air being brought in and rob the engine of power, and are now ridiculed on the forums as “hot air intakes.” 034 Motorsport knows this, and so with the TTRS they didn’t just slap a cone filter onto a long tube and call it a day – the part when through several iterations and designs with dyno testing to arrive at part that not just looked cool, but performed as well. Their dyno charts for the final product show consistent gains across the power band, making this a mod your butt dyno will feel in any kind of driving.

Other benefits of the product include the beautiful carbon fiber finish that matches the OEM engine trim nicely, the oh-so-important amplified whoosh sound that CAIs deliver on turbo cars, easy installation, and did I mention a carbon fiber finish?

While the pre-order has ended, you can place your order now and should get a shipment in late October. Pricing starts at $795 plus shipping…if you have any questions hit up Lazslo at 034 Motorsport and tell him Nicks Car Blog sent you!

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