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HRE Open House 2014 Pictures


I was super excited when I saw HRE was having another Open House again this year, as last year’s was one of my favorite events of 2013; I’m pleased to share that 2014’s Open House did not disappoint – packed full of amazing cars, great people, and wonderful SoCal weather.


Like last year, the show brought out some heavy hitters from local shops and dealerships, including this amazing Maserati MC12 from Symbolic Motors. Also in attendance was an F50, a classic Ferrari Dino, a Bugatti, countless Lamborghinis and Ferraris, BMWs, widebodies and more…I’ll highlight some Audis first since this site is primarily about Audis, but get into the rest in just a short while.

The Audis

PPI Razor Audi R8

Perhaps the most noteworthy Audi in attendance was the PPI Razor Spyder – an ultra modified Audi R8 that took the term “body kit” to the extreme. There is more pics at the bottom – it’s definitely a love it or hate it car, but neat to see nonetheless.


The Audi attendance was very strong as usual, including this incredibly clean B8 Avant on AG wheels. Nearby shop TAG Motorsports also brought the thunder, including the Nardo Grey beauties below, both rocking HREs.

Nardo Grey RS7 and RS5Also in attendance was the ever-popular B8.5 RS4 Sedan conversion owned by Dennis Tang, still a crowd and personal favorite.

Dennis Tang RS4

Another head turner was this B6 Avant sporting HREs, Air Ride, and so much custom work it can barely be recognized as a B6 anymore. Love it or hate it, you gotta respect the attention to detail and passion here.

B6 Avant on Air

Also in attendance was this incredibly clean B5 S4 on gold BBS Wheels and sporting a Euro rear end. Every time I hang around B5 S4s, I want one just a little more (unless of course they’re talking about maintenance, then less so, haha).

B5 S4 Roller

Last but not least, there were a handful of nice R8s in attendance – although it’s suprising how subtle these cars look against all of the crazy exotics at the show.

Matte Black Audi R8


Ferrari F50

Last year brought an F40, this year we got it’s older brother – the F50. While I still prefer the F40 from an aesthetic standpoing, seeing this car in person does make you appreciate it a lot more.

Aventador on Gold HREs

Crooks & Castles brought a white Aventador on Gold HREs which was an awesome wheel choice for this car. I thought this entire car worked together incredibly well and might be my favorite Aventador I’ve seen both in person or online, ever.

McLaren MP4-12C

This McLaren MP4-12C was another favorite of mine, and again – the HRE wheels really added to the styling of the car nicely.

Bugatti Veyron

But not every car was on HREs – and sometimes that is okay too. This Veyron looked just fine on the stock 12 spokes.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

This Ferrari 458 Speciale was also a treat to see, as was the Ferrari FF on HREs below it…

Ferrari FF


This Gallardo had a cool wrap – complete with “WARNING: STUDENT DRIVER” on the back that was plain awesome.


Last but not least, the Porsche Carrera GT is a special treat – and there were two of them to enjoy today. Also present were two Aventadors in a unique light blue finish which looked pretty stellar.


Other Highlights


There were a ton of other really great cars, and you can check out the slideshow below to see a good 100+ of them that I managed to photograph. Thanks again to HRE and all of the event sponsors for putting this on!

HRE Open House 2014

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  1. You are quite lucky that you got a chance to witness all these amazing cars. I particularly like white Aventador, this car is different from others and looking amazingly beautiful.

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