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HRE Open House 2013 Coverage


I recently moved to San Diego and was fortunate to attend the HRE Open House in Carlsbad as my first SoCal car show as a native – and it was a blast! Everything from Porsches to Bugattis to Audis were in attendance, and I did my best to take photos of the highlights here…

Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang

The place was jammed full of modified Euros and Exotics, including some super rare cars like the Bugatti Pur Sang, a Ferrari F40, and a RWB Porsche. Lots of local shops, companies, and car clubs piled in, from eGarage to AccuAir to TAG Motorsports to Gas Monkey Garage, bringing the event to an epic level.

Black Ferrari F40 with HRE Wheels

There were a lot of really incredible cars, but seeing the F40 above was pretty special. It was purchased wrecked by Gas Monkey Garage for $400k after a pretty bad wreck, then restored to the condition above. While some purists may turn their nose up and modifying the iconic F40, I think they did a pretty good job at keeping the modifications pretty subtle and classy.

RWB Porsche Chrome Hearts

Talking about cars that make purists squirm, the RWB Porsche above certainly fits that description. It recently underwent a color change from teal/turquoise to chrome wrap, which made this already attention grabbing car stand out even more. It certainly isn’t my taste, but it’s a car that’s interesting to check out for sure.

Porsche Carrera GT

But those Porsche purists who get worked up over the RWB cars still had plenty to appreciate, such as this gorgeous and ultra rare (and very stock!) Porsche Carerra GT above…

Lamborghini Gallardo

There were so many incredible cars at the event, it was easy for otherwise nice cars to get lost in the mix. I have no idea what the official count was, but I would guess they had close to 1,000 cars there. The HRE facilities are downright humongous, and it was cool to tour around and see all of their in-house production facilities. While some forged wheel manufacturers work with unnamed white-label shops overseas to make their wheels, HRE is made in California, USA baby.

HRE Wheel Machine

Another highlight of the show (for me anyway) was meeting some of the members of the newly formed San Diego Audi Club. The group secured a spot together, which was really cool to have. I’m looking forward to hanging out with these guys and gals some more…

San Diego Audi Club

Speaking of Audis, there was a ton of really great four ringed cars at the show. I counted at least half a dozen R8s, several RS5s, a few really clean S4s, and even a really killer B7 RS4.

Audi RS5 on HRE Wheels

The guys at TAG Motorsports rolled deep to the show bringing a lot of really clean Audis. I really liked this B8.5 S4 on air ride and gold HREs:

Black S4 on Gold HREs and Air

They also had this gorgeous RS5, man do I want one of these:
Black RS5 on HREs

There were tons of great cars there, Audi and otherwise, at the show, so let’s keep it going…

Lamborghini Aventador on HRE Wheels

Accuair Widebody A4 Wagon

AccuAir had a really cool display, featuring their widebody A4 above that debuted at SEMA as well as a really slick Allroad below:

Accuair Allroad

Rounding out the wagon trifecta was this really sweet CTS-V wagon (on air, of course):

CTS-V Wagon on Air

I don’t normally cover a lot of Mercedes in this blog, but there was no shortage of nice Benzes to appreciate, including a really nice Black Series…

IMG_6059 IMG_6143 IMG_6140 IMG_6121

That’s all I have here, thanks for tuning in! If you liked this post, please share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or wherever you like to share these kinds of things 🙂

Full Photo album (152 photos) on Flickr here:

HRE Open House

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