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San Diego GranTurismo April, 2018

Another great day of car spotting in San Diego

The quarterly San Diego GranTurismo has come and past at the O’Gara Coach La Jolla service center in Sorrento Valley. Like previous episodes it had free coffee, tons of exotics and hypercars, and enough smartphone wielding teenagers to fill a high school, haha. The turnout was great and the featured car was a Koenigsegg Agera RS1 pictured above that had a really great color combination with the bright blue interior and accents that really popped with the clean white paint. It was tough to get a good shot, but it was cool to see.

My favorites were the Lamborghini Huracan GT car with a wild livery inspired by street art, as it’s always fun to see all of the gadgetry and modifications done to the car to really dial it in for performance driving and track use.

From every angle, this car delivered…and managed to stand out among a sea of supercars and hypercars.

Next to it was a race prepped McLaren that seemed really subtle compared to it’s Lamborghini neighbor, but nonethless impressive in its setup.

Speaking of awesome, this 993 was sporting period correct magnesium BBS E88 wheels, a half cage, and Recaro racing seats with plaid inserts. This is damn near perfection for a driver’s car, and would be something I would daily drive the hell out of 🙂

The majority of the cars were really nice Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens. This 488 caught my eye, I love a good yellow Ferrari and the blue stripe looked great.

Throughout the show packed tons of great cars to look at, and local owners to chat up with. I always have a good time poking around for an hour or two, and then am happy to drive home in my TTRS where I can enjoy it and not have to worry about the attention, cost, and maintenance that an exotic entails.

I’ll post a few more of my favorite cars in this post, and you can search the #sandiegogt #sdgt #sandiegogranturismo hashtags on Instagram for way more action from others. 

I do have to say, the RUF five spoke wheels have always been and continue to be one of my favorite designs of all time. This could be the best car at the show in my opinion, as I do believe it is a real RUF and not a resto-mod, and it couldn’t have been any cleaner and well maintained for a car that is probably older than I am.

This Mercedes AMG GT-R was also a cool find, parked outside of the show itself in one of the overflow lots. I have never been quite sure if I loved this design, but the facelifted version in red looks aggressive enough it no longer feels like a throwback car which I like.

It’s funny how the Agera drew so much attention, this otherwise amazing Lamborghini Huracan Performante went pretty much unnoticed. At most car shows, this would be a star.

Other than the older Porsches, the variety was mostly limited to newer exotics and hypercars. I love checking these cars out to appreciate the engineering, but as someone who has never left a car stock, I’d much rather check out a modified car over a stock one (even a really nice stock one) any day.

I’ll post a few more here, and check out my Flickr and Facebook pages for the rest!

Nick Roshon

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