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For Sale: Super Rare 19×8.5 ET35 Volk LE37 in 5×112 Audi Fitment


After about a year and a half of enjoyment, I’ve decided to part ways with my super rare 19×8.5 ET35 Volk LE37 mono forged wheels. In April of 2015 I had them completely refinished including powdercoat and a professional re-polish of the lips to get them in mint condition by Polishing Proz, a local automotive powdercoat & polishing specialist. To my knowledge this is one of fewer than 12 sets ever made by Rays Engineering – they are named LE37 and not TE37 because they were a Limited Edition that were custom ordered…in order for Rays to make them, there had to be an order of at least 10 which is why there are so few sets in the US in  5×112 fitment. They are super lightweight and weigh less than 20 pounds without tires, and some of the strongest wheels you can buy since they are one piece (mono) forged.

Price & Fitment:


I’m asking $3,000 for these with tires, two sets of center caps, centering rings (66.6 – 57.1mm), original Volk decals if you don’t like the TE37SL vinyl, and a set of 245/35/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports with 8/32nds of tread left (less than a year old). They should fit any B5-B8 Audi with a 5×112 bolt pattern, and many other models too, as this is a very good offset for most modern Audis aside from the TT/A3/GTI that might be a bit aggressive. They should also fit a number of Mercedes that rock 5×112 bolt patterns and want a square setup. The wheels are also VERY big brake kit friendly, and I had tons of clearance for my 370mm Alcon BBK.



Although it’s been a year since I’ve had them refinished, I don’t put a ton of miles on my car – they’ve probably only been driven about 5,000-8,000 miles at the most. They’re washed regularly using Sonax Wheel Cleaner, and even cleaned the inner barrels whenever switching to my track wheels so that even the insides stayed minty fresh. The wheels are in incredible condition, with only two flaws that are documented below (some chipping of finish around the middle hub due to an alignment/wheel balancer, and one small flat spot on the outer lip that is purely aesthetic and doesn’t impact the ride).



The tires are near new Michelin Pilot Super Sports with 8/32nds of tread left – these tires have 10/32nds new, so they’re at about 80%. They were produced on the 18th week of 2015 according to the DOT stamp, so they’re very new tires with a ton of life left. At this moment I’m not interested in parting out the wheels and tires seperately, unless someone specifically wants the tires only in which case I’ll part and deduct the price I get for the tires from the asking price.



There are only two areas of damage – one is in the inner hub on pretty much all four wheels. An alignment shop or tire balancer (not sure which) seems to have been too aggressive and chipped some of the finish around the outer edge. Pictured above is the worst of it, it’s not noticeable at all but I prefer to give full disclosure. The above shot also gives you a great idea of the finish of the wheels, which has a deep shine to it.


The other flaw is that one wheel has a minor flat spot in the outer edge. It does not impact the ride, and the wheels balance out perfectly fine. It is a purely aesthetic issue, but bears disclosing nonetheless. It has not gotten worse since I’ve owned them and was done by the previous owner, so the structural integrity of the wheels seem to be fine…

Contact Info

Detailed pictures of all four wheels are below – please contact me at cars@nickroshon.com if you’re interested. At this time, I’m not entertaining offers lower than asking price as I’ve gotten a lot of interest over the time. I am willing to ship at the buyer’s expense.

img_1648img_1646 img_1645img_1647

Photos installed on car:

IMG_1280 IMG_0714 IMG_0708 IMG_0658 IMG_0661

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