Must-Have VAG-COM Mods for B6 and B7 Audis

Turn off those annoying dings, and other cool mods!

B7 S4 Interior with Flat Bottom Wheel

Note: This applies to any B6 or B7 Audi cars including the A4, S4, RS4 in both sedan, avant and cabriolet forms. Coding changes should be the same for European cars although your starting codes/numbers may differ slightly.

Upon purchasing my 2006 S4, one of the first things I noticed was all of the annoying chimes!

I had eliminated them through VAG-COM on my A4, but moving to a new car meant all of my VAG-COM mods were gone; this annoyance didn’t last long, as I plugged my handy VAG-COM cable from Ross-Tech into my car’s OBDII port and started changing codes.

If you don’t have a cable, try to find a friend with one, invest in one yourself, or see if your local Audi/VW tuner can change these settings for you.

The cable is a little expensive $200-$400 to purchase, but also comes in super handy if you ever retrofit anything (like Recaro seats, navigation, bi-xenons, or any other parts your car didn’t originally come with) or you need to diagnose any check engine lights, reset the service light, or otherwise alter your cars’ settings.

In my opinion, the Vag-Com cable is one of the smartest investments you can make…the first check engine light you get will make you glad you have it. You can easily scan for fault codes and then Google the codes that the cable returns, and typically Google will display several forums or blogs that have an in-depth explanation of the problem and how to fix it.

You can pickup a genuine Ross-tech cable from Europa Parts using this link:

Lastly, you will note there are a lot of cheaper vag-com alternatives out there on Amazon & eBay. I’ve never used one, but from what I’ve read their functionality is very limited – you can typically check for fault codes and clear them, but you can’t change the coding to do any of the modifications below.

VAG-COM Mod #1 – Disable Seatbelt Chime & Door Chime

Vag-com disable seatbelt chime

Open VAG-COM and go to Components – 17 – Instruments

Seat Belt Chime: Change the second to last digit from whatever it currently is to a 0. The 0 will disable all seatbelt chimes. This doesn’t have any impact on the airbag system or effectiveness of your seatbelt, it simply removes the annoying “ding ding ding” noise you hear. I still highly recommend wearing your seatbelt at all times, no matter how short of a distance you’re driving, but this makes it so the chimes don’t occur if you’re just sitting in the car testing out a new mod or just letting the car warm-up first.

Door Chime: Change the fifth digit (Country) from a “2” (if US) to a “0” which changes it to Germany. This will also change your trip computer and date/clock to be kilometers and military time, but those can be reverted easily. To change back your instrument cluster to miles and “American” time/date display, click the “Reset” button on the bottom of the windshield wiper stalk twice, which opens the menu. Go to Clock to update clock back to 12 hour setting instead of 24 hour, Date to change from DD/MM to MM/DD, and then go to Units to change from KM to MI in the trip computer.Voila, you now have no door chime like the Germans do, but your computer reads American as well. See below for a screenshot of the menu in the instrument cluster:

Instrument Cluster Menu

VAG-COM Mod #2 – Remote Windows Up/Down, Unlock All Doors (1 Touch)

Vag-com remote windows

Go to Components – 46 – Central Convenience and select “Coding.” Add 64 to whatever number appears – in my case, it was originally set to “11836” so I added +64 and got to “11900” as the correct number.

To add one touch to unlock all doors (instead of having to press unlock twice to open other doors) you can also subtract -04 from this total, so my new total would be 11896.

After this is complete, you can now roll down your windows by pressing and holding the unlock button on your key fob. Likewise, to roll the windows up, press & hold the “lock” button on your keyfob. You can now remotely control your windows!

This mod is excellent as an Arizona resident, so I can let the hot air begin to dissipate before entering the car. To get extra range on the key fob, hold the key fob to your chin as you press the button and your body acts as an antenna, increasing the distance at which it can communicate with the car.

VAG-COM Mod #3 – Lamborghini Navigation Screen


This one is kind of fun – some may love it, some may hate it, but I dig it. You can change the “welcome” screen of the navigation to show the Lamborghini emblem rather than the Audi emblem when you first start-up the car.

The RNS-E unit in the B6/B7 Audi S4 is actually the same as the Lamborghini Gallardo, so with a simple change of settings in VAG-COM you can trick the navigation unit to think it’s in a Gallardo!

To change this go to  Components – 37 Navigation – Coding. You then can change the second digit to a “1” to set the navigation to Lamborghini settings.

You can set it to a 3 to change it back to Audi.

VAG-COM Mod #4 – Disable TPMS

TPMS Warning Light from an Audi S4

I was late to discover this one, but after searching for ways to disable the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), I finally found out how to do this via Vag-com.

This was necessary for me as my aftermarket wheels do not have TPMS sensors so my car would always display a TPMS/flat tire warning on the dashboard, which was super annoying.

To disable TPMS – go to 17 – Instruments and then go to the Adaptation module. In the Adaptation module, switch to Channel 061 then subtract 512 from the number that is displayed.

Additional VAG-COM Mods

Ross-tech has a few other mods for the B6/B7 platform, which you can check out here:

Another time this cable will come in really handy is if you retrofit any OEM upgrades like bi-xenon headlights or Recaro Retrofit DIY.

Lastly, I’ve also built a guide for TT/R8/A3 owners as you have more options on what you can change or update.

Got any other good VAG Com mods for your Audi? Leave a comment with your favorite!

Nick Roshon

Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick's Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


  1. Hey Nick, I have a B7 A4 and I was wondering where the OBDII port is located, and do you know where I can buy the cable?

  2. Hi!

    In my B7 E8 the function you mentioned :
    “you can now roll down your windows by pressing and holding the unlock button on your key fob. Likewise, to roll the windows up, press & hold the “lock” button on your keyfob”
    is available.
    Is there any chance to make the window roll full up only with the click of close button on the keyfob? So, when I close my car, the windows are rolled up automaticly?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Very nice list of tricks. I drove a B6.

    What is the trick for making the car lock up the doors after a certain speed (ie 15KMh/10MPh)

  4. A lot of the low budget scanners have limited functionality, so they may be able to perform some of the changes but not all of them. Hard to tell, it’s a gamble – but if you go for it, please report back and I’ll update the post with your results for others to know!

  5. I purchased a cheap one from amazon and downloaded the free vag com software. It worked fine. I was able to do the remote windows, seatbelt chime, turn on the head light indicator (you should at that to your list for those who like to use auto headlights), and changed the light settings to rest of the world

  6. @John Michael could you be more specific? I have a 06 A4 B7 using the same cable (from amazon) and can not get it to communicate with the lite version vcds. I’ve installed drivers from ftdi and set com port as it should. Test says its working but latency is poor. Any ideas?

  7. I was wondering if you knew of any coding that would turn the side mirrors in when you lock the car?

  8. Mike – I’m not aware of any coding to do this, the only way is to turn the mirror adjustment switch to point backward (at 6 o’clock). I looked on a few forums and they seem to confirm there is no way to program this to be automatic via vag-com, which is too bad as it would be a nice feature (and is pretty common on other cars).

  9. Hey Nick, great blog!!! You’ve done a nice job of putting together useful and fun information with helpful pictures. Are you aware of any way to turn off the warning that pops up on the navi screen every time you start the car? I don’t like having to reach over and click accept every time I hop in my car. Is that warning built into the lambo version? If not, maybe I’ll code my car like that not for the logo, but just to get rid of the lawyer talk. Thanks!

  10. I’ve got an ’06 A4 Avant. It’s the 2.0T / Quattro / 6spd with premium, technology/bluetooth, sunroof, and navigation packages. I’ll code the navi for Lamborghini today and see if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  11. @Porschsam – yes, you can also pick up burnt copies of the disc, or even just borrow a more recent disc, insert it into your car, let it load the firmware then revert back to your old disc for maps once the firmware has been updated if you don’t feel like spending the $300+ on a new disc on ebay.

  12. I was looking for the code for the one tap unlock on the fob. Could you steer me in the right direction? Thanks

  13. Hi Travis – I just updated the post…here is the revised instruction for Mod #2:

    To add one touch to unlock all doors (instead of having to press unlock twice to open other doors) you can also subtract -04 from this total, so my new total would be 11896.

  14. Hey Nick What Vag-com did you use?
    im looking to buy one but i want to make sure I get the one I need.

  15. Nick what kind of Vag-Com did you use?
    I’m looking to buy one but want to make sure it has the options I need.

  16. Can you change the stereo sound settings on the b7 as I have read that the bass setting are set on low. I have the bose set up and im not happy with it.

  17. I have a 2006 a4 avant that I want to turn off the central locking function(+32) and the rear lid release function(+16). Would that mean I would minus 32 and 16 respectively from my value in order to disable those functions? Thanks so much for your time. Matt

  18. Yeah, you should be able to just subtract 48 if those features are already enabled. I’d write down your codes/figures before making the edit in case it doesn’t work correctly.

  19. was wondering Nick if you new of anymod in the vag com for smart roof instead of fitting the module, as my roof goes down still at 20mph so have heard it may be already live but needs turning on a4 cab 08

  20. Do you know if the Ross-Tech cable and software can be used to recode my 2007 A4 convertible from US spec to “Rest of the World”? I have planned to take the car with me overseas and need to make some changes to the lights (amber blinkers over there and no amber parking light on in the headlights while driving). Thanks

  21. Yes, it can certainly do that. I’m not sure if there is a “change all” setting or if you have to change individual modules at a time (e.g. lighting, convenience, etc.).

  22. Does the Ross-Tech cable work on pre lp gallardo as well?
    Litle bit of topic there Nick

    Brg Bjørn

  23. Hey Nick.
    I can’t seem to find my RNS-e on vagcom.
    I’m having a power draining issue on an 07 B7 caused by the cooling fan on the satnav not turning off- ever. So I pull the fuse every night. Not cool.

  24. @Ziyaad – that sounds awful. It should be located in Components – 37 Navigation – Coding but I don’t know if that is a setting you can over ride. Sounds like something is messed up with your head unit.

  25. Hi Nick – read through this and you are one heck of a guy! Thanks so much for all the useful help and tips and tricks. I have a question – I bought a US Spec A4 B7 2006 3.2L FSI Quattro V6 from a friend. I live in the Netherlands and when the car was brought over here in 2010 the importer did something with the car to make it road legal here. Now when i turn on the ignition the headlights come on directly and I cannot turn them off unless I put the switch into the sidelight position. With my European spec A3 I can drive with my sidelights on and my fogs on – but with the A4 I can only run the fogs if the headlights are on. Also the automatic lights position on the switch does not do anything – the headlights remain on always. Is this something you can guide me how/what to change in the coding? I just orders my cable and it’s on its way. Thanks so much.

  26. Absolutely. You’ll want to modify the control module 9 for headlights. Here is the write-up from Ross-tech:

    09-Elec. Ctrl. Mod. K1 – KWP1281
    VCDS works fine.

    Tweak: Coding options for lighting Coding is 000XY.

    X=1 for Xenon Headlights,
    X=0 for conventional Halogens.

    Country DRLs: Fogs w/o low beams:
    Y=1 RDW (Rest of World) No Yes
    Y=2 NDL (Netherlands) Yes Yes
    Y=3 USA No No
    Y=4 KAN (Canada) Yes Yes
    Y=5 DAN (Denmark?) Yes Yes
    Y=6 SON (Other?) Yes Yes

    Fogs w/o low beams only appears to work on 2002 models. For 2003+ models, we know of no way to run the fogs without the low beams, except Canadian, which turns on Daytime Running Lamps (DRL’s). We are not sure why there are so many Yes/Yes combinations; there must be some other features controller by this. The state of the Radio and Climate Control lighting is affected by this coding as well.

  27. hey nick,i have a question i can’t seem to find the answer to aswell.I have a 06 a4 avant s-line with drl and with the auto function .im trying to find a way to leave my headlight switch in “auto” and allow my fogs to come on when my xenon headlights do in stead of turning the switch this possible?

  28. Nick
    Great blog and very clear. Question about tpms and vagcom on my 2006 a4. Does the vagcom pick up info on 5 tires or just the rolling tires? Thanks. Trying to diagnosis bad tpms system.

  29. That’s a good question. They’re wireless, so it could be all five? I’m afraid I don’t know for sure, unfortunately. How old are the sensors?

  30. The sensors are 7 yrs old so they could be failing. The tire shop can scan all the tires and pick up a good reading. However, the problem started shortly after I put the spare wheel (with new tire) on the rear passenger side. The vagcom, of which I have limited use, can pick up 4 tires but there is a space for the fifth. I am thinking of putting the spare back on for an experiment. If the error goes away after resetting the “change wheel” adjustment, I know which wheel it is.

  31. I wouldn’t be surprised if the spare tire has no TPMS at all, but if it does it is probably bad…they’re battery powered and the batteries only last so long. You can turn off the TPMS all together with the coding trick in this post, or have any tire shop replace them.

  32. How can I VagCom my European Audi RS4 seats to work in my US Audi RS4. Need to disable side airbag light.

  33. I think that is a bit more involved than just vag-com settings, but I could be mistaken. You’ll have to search around more on this, I’m not very familiar with adapting Euro RS4 seats to a US car…

  34. Thanks for these links/procedures Nick. However, when trying to disable the door chime on a B6 S4(’04-05), yes you can change the country code to Germany, but then your units are in metric/celsius, and there’s no way on a B6 S4 to change these Units(as you say) thru the DIS. On a B7 you can change the units thru the DIS, but not the B6. Might be helpful for your readers to know this. Thanks!

  35. Question!
    Have a question regarding the backlight of instrumentcluster.
    When the knob is in auto mode, I would like to have both back and dials illuminated all the time.
    Have found it to be done in VCDS submenu Instruments, trim channel 19 and will be the first digit that controls this.
    In this case it must be a 3 first and I have that setting but it’s just a pointer that shines and not the back. Any tips on the solution to this?
    Have also tried with a 2 first, which will set the back and it works but then the dials off.
    The car is a B7 A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI Quattro -06

  36. Strange, I don’t even see Channel 19 in the Ross-Tech wiki. My best advice is to keep trying other digits, but it’s possible what you’re trying to do isn’t an available option. Let me know if you’re able to figure it out.

  37. Hi Adam – you just change the second digit to a “1” to set the navigation to Lamborghini settings. You can set it to a 3 to change it back to Audi. What code do you currently have in there?

  38. Hi Nick.
    I have question regarding my audi a4 b6 2004 1.8t quattro made for USA. How can open the windows with remote control. With key it works but with remot doesn’t open the windos. Thank you in advance

  39. Hi Nick – What would need to be done to make it so my turn signals are off when my headlights are on?

  40. Hey Nick, quick question, I just bought a b6 s4 and I noticed after filling up the fuel tank the range display only went up to 235 miles, I have seen other S4’s that show way past 300 after filling up, any idea why?

  41. It’s based on your recent driving style, so if you’ve had a heavy foot or been doing a lot of city vs highway driving, it would affect the “expected” range. But that number is usually bogus anyway, the most I ever get out of a tank is 250 miles or so…

  42. Hey Nick, quick question for you,
    Ive installed LED DRL bulbs, dash assumes theres a fault , is there any setting to disable picking up its faulty?
    Regards AJ

  43. Thanks for your response, yes i did install the resistors, it is an intermittent fault, sometimes comes on or sometimes not? Any thoughts?
    Also is there a way of having the dash needles lights on all the time?
    Thanks in advance Nick

  44. Intermittent fault sounds like either your connections aren’t secure, or the resistor isn’t the right size for the bulb. I’d double check your connections first, maybe something just wiggles loose or has a poor connection and thus doesn’t work until warmed up or something…

  45. I have tried to change my welcome screen on my nav to s4. The rns-e came out of a Audi A4 so it should already set in the control module for that chassis. I’ve set it to everything and also gone into 111 and set it there also.
    I’ve heard conflicting reports that it can be done.
    It’s a 205.5 audi b7 s4

  46. I have a b7 A4 2.0tfsi quattro and is it possible to make the driving computer setting like S4/RS4?

  47. In what regard, Morten? If your DIS (Driver information System) is red, you can’t change it to be full color just by VAG-COM, you need new hardware. If there is a specific setting or number you’re trying to get to display, possibly, but it depends on what it is. Hope that helps!

  48. Hi i had a question is it possible to code out ccm for it to think my hood is closed since my hood is closed. But it always shows its open.i already checked that switch on hood latch its not the problem. So just want to disable. Ccm so it wouldnt show uo

  49. Hey Nick,
    I checked the wiki for ‘fogs w/o low beams’ & I can’t find a code. It says it’s not doable, but I swear I saw an AZ member with the mod. Any insight?

  50. Just a heads up for those of you that do the Gallardo mod for your screen. It may take away the Sirius function away. I had to change back to Audi to get y Sirius set up../Love the info you have on here Nick. …A4Maine-iac

  51. Nick, thanks again for your thought leadership on all things Audi. I have read so much on this topic tonight from you and audizine, I am hoping you can clear something up for me.

    This comment on Azine from back in ’08 would indicate no physical wiring mods are needed to get fogs to run without low beams:

    “Re: a Bit longer than 5 minute Fogs w JUST Parking/City Lights
    actually I did this mod a few days ago. But guess what? ALL VAG. No hardwiring or taking anything apart. You just change some codes from the American package to the Canadian package (which when you do you’ll also get the one-touch-unlock-all-doors mod). When my switch is in the off position my fogs are on, with no headlights. When my switch is on Auto, the fogs will be on without the headlights, and come night time (or a tunnel or parking garage etc) the fogs switch off and the headlights switch on. Fogs can be on with the headlights on by using the regular method of putting the switch at the “headlights on” position and pulling out, like normal.”

    Can you confirm or dispute this? I would rather to go this route as opposed to modding anything electrically. If I am able to get it to work I am also going to swap them for HID and swap the DRLs to LEDs per your other post, (thanks!). I just bought my dream car: B7 s4 avant 6mt, I’ll need to purchase the VAG-com set up but that seems like a worthwhile investment

  52. Very interesting Max – and congrats on the new car BTW. I haven’t tried to do the fog light mod either with or without Vag-Com, so unfortunately I can neither confirm nor deny…however, I’m down to try out, and own a Vag-com cable, so I will give it a shot this weekend and report back. Stay tuned!

  53. Hi nick. Thanks for your answer regarding my windows on y audi B6. One more question,my fog lights works only when I turn on the head lights is it any coding that will work only with first position on switch without switching on me xenon lights.

  54. hi Nick I followed your instructions on making the windows go up and down with the key fob. unfortunately after coding it it does not work the only thing that works is press unlock once all doors open. All the other features work too only the using the key fob to roll up and down windows does not work.

  55. HI nick I need your help again please.I install Navigation Plus RNS-D on my audi b6. Front speakers are not working there is some coding needed because my audi is not bose system,can you please help me about that.

  56. Hi Nick I recently bought an A4 which apparently as a Mod US Spec Headlight my indicators are lit up as sidelights and blink as normal when activated. How do I turn them back to UK Spec via vagcom thanks.

  57. Hi Nick i need your help please. Scan the my audi with vcds no fault show. My problem is that my car before starts its cranking to long. Any idea what can be problem. Thanks a lot

  58. Likely culprits are coil packs (esp if a B6, as those were recalled IIRC), spark plugs, bad fuel, or a clogged fuel filter. Probably in that order. Good luck!

  59. Thanks for your reply fuel filter changed I will try with spark plugs
    Thank for the quick reply

  60. NIck does the PURGE valve has to do something with car starting on audi a4 b6 1.8T .

    Thanks in advance

  61. Hi nick, any chance you know how to make my side repeaters be on like drl kike they are on usa cars, im in the united kingdom and want this mod,
    I know it illegal over here but that doesnt matter

  62. Hi Jason,
    Try changing your coding to USA settings and see if that works:
    09-Elec. Ctrl. Mod. K1 – KWP1281
    VCDS works fine.

    Tweak: Coding options for lighting Coding is 000XY.

    X=1 for Xenon Headlights,
    X=0 for conventional Halogens.

    Country DRLs: Fogs w/o low beams:
    Y=1 RDW (Rest of World) No Yes
    Y=2 NDL (Netherlands) Yes Yes
    Y=3 USA No No
    Y=4 KAN (Canada) Yes Yes
    Y=5 DAN (Denmark?) Yes Yes
    Y=6 SON (Other?) Yes Yes

    Fogs w/o low beams only appears to work on 2002 models. For 2003+ models, we know of no way to run the fogs without the low beams, except Canadian, which turns on Daytime Running Lamps (DRL’s). We are not sure why there are so many Yes/Yes combinations; there must be some other features controller by this. The state of the Radio and Climate Control lighting is affected by this coding as well.

  63. hi nick can you please tell me if i can control my roof and windows from the key fob on my rs4 convertible 2008 may thanks

  64. Yep, just follow the guide here. The only caveat is that the sunroof won’t open via the key, but it will close when you hold the lock button down.

  65. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the great articles, just came from B5 S4 land and am now a B7 S4 owner as well. My Manual adjustment of the HID’s is “clicking” on the passenger side on “up” and “down” so I have no adjustment. It’s pointing into the sky. I remember reading somewhere that Vag-Com (I have one HEX + CAN) that you can adjust level per headlight via ballast instead of manual adjustment. Would you have any info on this? i can seem to find it for a B7 platform on the Ross-Tech site.


  66. Hi Scott – welcome to the B7 side of things! To adjust the leveling via Vag-Com check out the “VAG-com adjustments (reset to factory spec)” part of this article:

    Keep in mind there are two screws for manual adjustment on each headlight – one is left/right, one is up/down, so be sure you’re turning the right ones…otherwise the bulb will continue to focus straight up (I made this mistake myself). Ideally you should get it as close as possible via manual adjustment before doing vag-com recalibration.

  67. Hey Nick. Where’s can i get a Vag-com for 2008 Audi A4. I’ve watched some tutorials on how to turn off ESP and ASR disable? Turns it into a drivers car and increases performance for sure. Just need to get my hands on one and go to work disabling some of this stuff. Thanks.

  68. Hi Nick, After I switched to after market Depo light I got a dashboard error message (Left and right low beam bulb error). Do u know if I can turn them of by VAG-com? I already bought VAG cable but not start testing yet. Here is a youtbe link (I fixed adaptive light error already but still have one).

  69. Hi Kevin,
    Not too familiar with the aftermarket lights. I think if you had Halogens before you might need to update your settings in vag-com to tell the car you have xenons now, otherwise it will be confused by the change in electrical load needed to power the ballasts and whatnot.

  70. Tried the Lamborghini rns-e coding and it didn’t work. Changed back to original coding but I’ve fully lost my start screen. Radio comes right on to the last known mode. Checked the adaption setting as well. Radio works still so guess I’ll just have to be happy.

  71. Hi Nick. I have a 2013 A4. Is there a coding change that can be made to make the brake lights flash when the brake pedal is pressed?

  72. I was trying to access the dis menu on my b6 s4 (pressing the reset button on the wiper stalk twice) but all that seems to do is shut off the screen all together. Do you know if that feature needs to be enabled in vag, if it’s region dependant or if I just don’t have it?

  73. Hey. I am new 06 A4 Quattro B7 owner, looking to buy wiper stalk with the buttons to change from miles to empty to other things, I’m fairly green but not too dim to do it myself, what all will I need to do, is it plug and play or will I need to take it in to have it coded? Thanks in advance!

  74. I think it is more than just the wiper stalk, you need a new DIS too as there is a trip computer involved, and you have to disassemble the speedo to install. My understanding is this is a very complicated retrofit, and probably not worth it to most folks.

  75. Awesome, won’t even get into that one then, 2nd question, best place to find the recaro s4front seats, like u got? I’m on east coast

  76. Hey Nick, so I just buy the Ross tech cable and vag com software is free to download? Does that include full VAG diagnostic capabilities? Also I have a 04 1.8 auto avant. Thinking of changing it to manual some day, would the software allow me to change the coding in the modules to know its manual (and of course all necessary hardware changes) and not have any warning lights on?

  77. Hi Matt- yes the software is free to download, even if you don’t have the cable…super easy there. It includes the most capabilities you can get as a consumer anyway, I think what the dealership has might be able to do a few things we “home mechanics” can’t, but I haven’t run into anything personally. In terms of changing it to a manual I know others have done this without needing any special coding on top of what vag-com could do so I think you’re fine there.

  78. Thanks Nick, oddly enough to I happened to acquire a vagchecker pro free today from a friend when I asked him about his vcds experiences. Seems like a decent unit with a lot of functions. I’ll have to play around with that and see what I can accomplish. Thanks for your help

  79. Ok, something weird happened with my 47 mod, about 3 months ago I set my code to 11896 for windows and locks and it worked fine. About a week ago I had to change my battery and ever since then the windows will not roll up or down with the remote. The doors will lock or unlock with one touch as coded but no windows. I tried setting everything back to stock, did it, waited a day and then recoded to 11896 but still no remote windows.

    Any ideas?

  80. Hey I was wondering where did you get a cream colored steering wheel like that. I have a tan interior on my a4 b7 and I want to change my steering wheel but still have the colors work well.

  81. Hi, have you an advice how to remove dpf? Just bought a B7 2.0tdi and want to remove the dpf, but dont have any experiance with the technical stuff like the coding, can I use the cable you refere to in this post?

    Keep up the good work with your blog, lots a good advice here!

  82. Hi,brother, I have a 07 B7, a Ross tech cable, keep getting error code 31when trying to activate aux input on RNSE unit, any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  83. hi,brother,Dave from Ross Tech tried to help me with activating aux input on my 07 A4 Avant ,at first we thought it was a voltage issue,but unit is running at 13.90 volts,but it wont accept the new coding,mayb I may have to use a Denison Bluetooth adapter, Thanks from Ian S.

  84. Hi Ian – I’ve never tried to add this feature, so I’m not sure I can help much. Your car has the aux-in cable already added hardware wise, right? I don’t think all RNS-E have this, I believe it was an additional option (Audi Music Interface, or AMI)…so if you’re car didn’t come with it, then you can’t just add it via vag-com without doing some supporting hardware upgrades. At least that is my rough understanding of it.

  85. hey nick… so here’s a duzzy….
    i have a 2014 VW Passat Wolfburg edition… i got annoyed with the stock head unit/radio (the car was left to me by my late father… had i had the option of buying it, it would have had something similar built in already. ANYWAY..) i bought a Kenwood 9703S touch screen monitor with Apple CarPlay. THEN, i ordered a “idatalink – Maestro” and a few associated tools/toys from the same company. the maestro is supposed to allow you to keep all of your factory steering wheel buttons/controls, as well as giving you “full control” of your cars systems (heating, radio, SIRIUSxm, iphone + phone functions, and what i’m having problems with VEHICLE INDICATORS) right from the touch screen… one of the big selling points for me was that this system would allow me to reset warning indicators (TPMS, check engine, any other sensors, etc)
    SO.. i installed.. over all it works well.. the CarPlay is cool, can’t complain, have navigation now with siri to boot. the backup camera is sweet. the kenwood overall does a pretty descent job… HOWEVER… the catch on using the “idatalink – maestro” is that it will ONLY allow you to control (after market touch screen, in this case) whatever you previous radio/center console guy allowed you to control. for example… i wanted to be able to control climate of the car from my screen.. BIG plus for this was that the seat warmer option could have been controlled from my touch screen (thereby being able to automatically turn them on when the car turns on, like remote-start. the factory option for the seat warmer is to push every time the car starts, nothing can be done about that… THEN… again.. same problem with my TPMS sensors… it shows me a layout of my car on the screen, but the pressure sensor to each tire shows “N/A”. After much calling around to both idatalink as well as Volkswagen (who by the way had NO clue how to answer my question, but they sure did try God bless ’em), it comes down to basically if the stock radio/center console unit did do it… the touch screen won’t be able to do it.

    my question… can anything be done.. like changing CPU’s… or adding a module that can read the sensors?? (for the TPMS sensors, i mean….) so that my monitor can read and see what pressure’s each tire has?

    a second question, kinda tied to the one just above… what can i do to be able to get my climate controls on my monitor? or am i screwed because the wolfsburg edition is subpar… basically… baseline model almost…

    [initially i thought of buying a 2014 vw passat CPU from a FULL OPTIONS Wolfburg passat, and just swapping it out with mine…….however…..i was only to find out that none of the Wolfsburg edition had touch screen and full options….. any advice will help}

    Thanks for you time!
    Dr. Tudor M. Stoica, MD, PhD

  86. Hey Doc – that is a great question. If you can get your hands on a Vag-Com cable you could try to enable some of those features in the ECU and see if you can “trick” the car into thinking that those are features you could have manipulated in the old headunit…but if that actually works or not depends on if the car has the necessary sensors and apparatus to actually remotely control the features in question. In the Vag-Com menu you’ll just want to go into Central Electronics and see if there are any options that can be enabled (check out this for a good starting point:…it might be easier to find a local independent Audi/VW shop that is comfortable with Vag-Com to try to do this for you, it won’t take much of their time and probably be cheaper than buying the $300 cable anyway.

  87. Nick… THANK YOU for a rapid reply… I appreciate that. Ok. I have done a ton of research because I was looking into the Vag-com option as I stumbled across your blog.
    The thing is…. I’ve read everywhere (very disappointing) that vag-com isn’t effective when it comes to 2014 VW Passat. B7 I guess is the other name for it….

    I found a guy not too far away from me, who was recommended for questions and concerns (and perhaps installs??? It was late, don’t remember) regarding the vag-com. I will call him…. meanwhile, what do u know about vag-com’s incompatibility with my passat?

    Thanks again!!!!
    Kind regards,
    Dr. Tudor M. Stoica, MD, PhD

  88. I haven’t heard anything about a vag-com incompatibility. That would surprise me since the B7 Audi A4 (the Passat’s counterpart in Audi lineup that shares a majority of parts) responds very well to vag-com tweaks.

  89. Alright. Well… I think I may just purchase one. I’m a car guy. It’s sounds like great fun to sit and tweak…
    one more question… does the Vag-com require a specific operation system? Do I have to get on FB and ask for someone to borrow me a windows XP running laptop? ?

  90. It doesn’t run on Mac unfortunately – but any Windows OS should be fine. I use my work computer which is running Windows 10, since my personal/home PC is a Macbook Pro.

  91. Hi Nick, i have an 04 B6 1.9 tdi, will the steps on the window mod you mentioned work on my car. Secondly if I buy a good cable is it possible to download the VAG software.

  92. Yes, should be the same. The software is free to download, the cable is the expensive part. I still recommend Ross-tech cables, but there are cheaper options these days too. Check out Europaparts for a good selection and price.

  93. Will look into thw Rosatech cables or similar alternatives in South Africa. Can you share a link to the software download.

  94. Hello ?I am an Audi lover in Japan? I came to Nick by surfing here
    I am very thankful for opening and closing windows with remote control
    Thank you very much

  95. New to Audis, and a bit confused about Ross-Tech’s dominance in this market. Do they have an exclusive license agreement with VAG, or do consumer-oriented solutions like Bluedriver essentially offer the same functionality?

  96. I’ve got a b7 A4 and I swapped in a b8.5 steering wheel (multifunction ) I can’t mute the radio with the volume scroll wheel on the rugjt like it’s supposeed to. Do u know how I would change the coding? I tried coding on vag com but numbers 2-5 don’ work. On 16- steering wheel. Thanks!

  97. hello mate is it possible to get the menu like its on the picture on the small dis i ve gor a4 b6 2004

  98. Hello, I have a A4 Cabrio 1.8T B7.
    I had the number 06826 first and added 64, so the new number was 06890. I saved it and nothing changed. Went back to the app the new setting was saved.
    Why it doesn’t work?

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