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Wet Okole Custom Fit Seat Covers

If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram, you likely know that my beloved Audi TTRS had an internal engine failure and has been out of operation for the last several months.

While the car was getting repaired, a very generous friend of mine let me borrow her 2002 Toyota Camry to get around.

The Camry is surprisingly reliable and well built.

My Audi with just 33,000 miles on it has a blown motor, and this 17 year old car with 189K miles on the clock is largely all original and works like a charm.


But when you drive a car for 17 years, park it outside, loan it to friends, and put nearly 200K on the odometer, things are going to start to show some wear and tear…especially the seats.

This preloved Camry was beyond repair when it came to the seats – completely cracked through, stained, torn, and a lot of the cushioning had lost it’s shape.

You could actually feel the hard, torn leather poking you when entering and exiting the car, and short of covering it with duct tape there was no good way around that.

The rears were better, but had their fair share of discoloration as well as being worn out on the ends from people climbing in and out, something that is inevitable when you’ve had a car 17+ years:

No amount of detailing products could bring these seats back to life, and even an upholster or leather repair specialist would have trouble making this look anywhere new again.

Thankfully I was approached by the awesome team at Wet Okole to try out their seat covers, and boy am I glad I did!

They offer custom fit covers for your exact car, all of the way down to the trim level. Before I could order I was emailing their team to make sure we had the right fitment for the 60/40 split rear bench, arm rests, and even color to match the OEM tan.

Upon placing the order I got a massive box with all of the components. There were three pieces for each front seat, and eight pieces for the rear. This isn’t a cheap universal fit, they make sure each nook and cranny is covered.

The material quality and feel is also really great. They’re made out of Neoprene making them great for someone who goes to the beach or exercises, and they come with waterproofing & cleaning supplies so you can maintain them.

The material is nice and thick, which adds extra padding and makes the worn out seats feel new again. When you’re spending a lot of time in your car, this extra cushioning comes in handy, and is worth the price of admission on its own.

My favorite part is the quality though, they look amazing. The Camry went from looking worn out, to brand new, in about 2 hours. Other than the Wet Okole logo, you’d think it was an OEM finish, as everything fits perfectly and the color matches the factory 100%.

Best of all, it even smells new!

Installation is a bit of a project, as custom fit seat covers don’t simply slip on like a universal fit would. They fit very snug, and require some finesse to install. The benefit is that they don’t move around, the contour the seats perfect, and they add to the seat comfort and rigidity.

My best installation advice is to take your time, and start with the front seats as they’re much easier. The rear is the hardest, although the bottom bench pops out and is fairly easy, while the side bolsters are the toughest given how snug they are from the factory.

I took a bunch of pictures of them installed, and after a week of driving with them on I continue to be impressed with them all around.

When my TTRS is wrapped up, I plan to sell the Camry, and have no doubt these seat covers will improve the resale value significantly.

When you’re buying a car like this, you don’t really care about how it looks. Instead you care about how reliable it is (very!) and how comfortable it is to drive on a daily basis.

With a new battery, oil change, and revamped interior, the car is now an excellent value compared to where it was just a few months ago.

I’ve also paint corrected and ceramic coated it, making it possibly the nicest 2002 Camry in the country…

If you’re on the fence about ordering these, or not sure if it will be worth the money, I’d encourage you to go for it. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is especially true when it comes to car parts, and these Wet Okole seat covers are no exception.

They’re so good, I’m almost getting to the point where I’ll miss the Camry when it’s gone…almost!

A big thanks to Wet Okole for sponsoring the set of seat covers. For all of your custom fit needs, you can hit them up at

If you’re looking at a set for your performance car, they offer all sorts of custom colors and piping to spruce your look up, or you can go for an OEM color to keep things looking original but refreshed.

Either way, they have seat covers for just about anyone, so head over to their site for more information.

Another thing I learned from this experience is that if you give a car guy a car, they will modify it and improve it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a muscle car or an economy car, given enough time we’ll find ways to make it perform better. I would have never thought I’d be enjoying a Camry, but it’s super rewarding to see the car get better over time…and when you start with a lower starting point, it’s easier to make massive improvements.

For instance, with my TTRS the seats are already really good, and hardly worn, whereas a car like this, the seats could use some love.

That being said, I’d strongly consider a pair for my TTRS when it becomes my daily driver again. Doing so would protect the OEM leather, much like a car bra does to the OEM paint. It’s also easier to clean after going to the beach or being a little sweaty after a long run.

To my fellow car enthusiasts out there, do you rock seat covers?

Leave me a comment if so.

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