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B7 Audi A4/S4 Front Bumper Options

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Deval RS4 Bumper

A popular question I get asked is about front bumper “body kits” for the B7 Audi A4 (2005.5-2008). Unlike the Honda Civic, your options are a bit more limited in this arena, and generally more expensive too. Luckily for everyone, the front bumpers that do exist are all very nice looking and great options if you’re tired of the look of your car – pictured above is the Deval RS4 kit (more on this below), for instance. The most common swap is for people with the standard A4 without the S-line package, as that bumper is probably the least desirable. In this post we’ll review the various options out there and give an idea of cost & effort involved.

S-line/S4 Bumper

B7 S4 or S-line Bumper Conversion

Converting a non-sline front bumper to an S-line or S4 front bumper is one of the most common options. This method uses all OEM parts and is pretty “plug and play” in terms of a front bumper swap. You need more than just the front bumper cover however – the bumper uses a different grille and sidemarkers, as well as some accessory pieces. You can view more pics of an S4 front bumper by checking out my car here. Here is the full list of parts you’ll need for the bumper cover without washer covers (if your car is equipped with headlight washers, you’ll need a different part number for the bumper cover, 8E0-807-105-J-GRU, which has holes cut out for the washers, as well as the washer covers, 8E0-955-101-E left and 8E0-955-102-F right). Part list:

  1. 8E0807105MGRU – front bumper cover (S-line/S4)
  2. 8E0807681F01C – Cooling air grill left
  3. 8E0807682F01C – Cooling air grill right
  4. 8E0945071B – Reflector left
  5. 8E0945072B – Reflector right
  6. 8E0853651M1QP – Radiator grille
  7. 8E0807287C1QP – Plate filler

DTM S4 Bumper

DTM S4 Bumper

This is another popular upgrade from either the non S-line or S-line bumper. Much like the S4 bumper conversion, this utilizes all OEM parts, so the fitment will be top notch and the parts widely available. It uses the same grille as a non-sline A4, so if you are coming from this platform you may need fewer parts as well. The downside is that this bumper doesn’t have foglights, if those are important to you. You can see more pics of the DTM package by checking out this featured ride pictured above. Here are the parts you’ll need for this:

  1. 8E0-807-105-AA-GRU – front bumper cover
  2. 8E0-807-110-E Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  3. 8E0-807-681-J-Z9Y Grille
  4. 8E0-807-682-J-Z9Y Grille
  5. 8E0-807-077-B Trim
  6. 8E0-807-078-B Trim
  7. N-104-337-01 Speed Nut (19)
  8. N-907-750-01 Bolt (19)

Deval RS4 Bumper

Deval RS4 Front Bumper

The Deval bumper features an RS4-look. I have heard mixed things about the fitment, with most owners saying that their body shop spent a lot of time to get it look good. The bumper is fiberglass so it can be adjusted to fit well, but nearly every owner I’ve talked to said they wouldn’t do it over again if they had the choice. If you’re okay with spending extra money to get it to fit right, or okay if it doesn’t fit 100% correctly, this may be a good choice for you.  You can check out more pictures of the Deval RS4 Front Bumper here. You may also get lucky and have a bumper that fits better than average. You can buy the Deval bumper from Eurogear.

Oettinger Bumper

Oettinger Front Bumper

The Oettinger bumper is rare – I think I’ve only seen two or three Audis with it on the internet, and none in person. Oettinger is a great brand and the fitment is supposed to be quality as well. The downside is that it’s expensive and hard to find. It also has a very aggressive look, so I wouldn’t recommend this unless the rest of your car is pretty modified too. Here is another pic of the Oettinger front bumper on a show car that was at SEMA last year.

Hofele RS4 Front Bumper

Hofele RS4 Bumper

Hofele’s RS4 front bumper is supposed to fit a lot better than the Deval one, and they look nearly identical. The only downside is that the Hofele bumper is also much more expensive. Damir’s A4 has this bumper, and you can check out his feature for more pics of it. The only vendor I’ve seen selling this bumper is LLTek or you can contact Hofele directly if interested. I’ve seen a few of these in person and they fit great.  You can buy this kit from LLtek.

Hofele B8 Front Bumper

Like the Hofele RS4 Bumper, the B8 bumper looks very nice but is also fairly pricey. Thank you to Christoph from Austria for sending real-life pictures of his B7 Cab with this bumper installed. I’d love to see more pictures of this, and if you see this, email me a pic so I can share it here. You can find more information on this kit on the Hofele website.

RS-Style Front Bumper


This one is a bit new and mimics the look of the TTRS, which is kind of neat. Personally I love how it looks from the front, but the side angles kind of ruin it for me, as the lower scoops stick out too far and give it a little bit of a “catfish” look. You can pick this up on Amazon, eBay, or other sites by searching “RS style B7 front bumper”, although it’s not totally clear who actually manufactures it, and it runs between $400-800 depending on the site you’re searching on. The pic above is taken from a person in Sweden who documented the entire process of installing this bumper and uploaded tons of pictures to Audizine, so I’d suggest checking out his thread to see it from all of the angles and make sure you like it before buying…

Alternative Enhancements/Options


If you don’t want to do an entire bumper swap, there are still plenty of options. Most common are going with an alternative grille, such as an RS4 grille, or adding a front lip, such as the Cupra R lip. You can also paint the fog light housings to give it a more aggressive look, such as pictured above. These changes are pretty affordable and can make your existing bumper look a lot more sleek. You may want to do this as a temporary fix or a permanent one. Remember with the grilles that the Non S-line and DTM bumpers share the same grille, and the S4/RS4 share a grille – so don’t expect an RS4 grille to fit on a non-sline bumper or vice versa. Here’s more pictures of the A4 above with a Cupra R lip and a blacked out grille, which definitely adds some nice touches, all for about $100.

Where to Buy…

You can source the OEM components above from your local Audi dealer, a junk yard, or various other vendors. The aftermarket options depend, so shop around. You should also check eBay, as you can often find used parts from dismantlers or off of wrecked cars for cheap. Some aftermarket options also appear on eBay, but be cautious of low quality bumpers from China and be sure to stick to the “real deal” bumpers made by quality manufacturers such as those above…

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Nick Roshon

Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick's Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


  1. Nick, just got myself a B6 A4 and I’m looking for tips on a few mods I’d like to do initially. I know you focus mostly on B7s so first off, do you know of any B6 focused blogs like yours? Second, is your method for blacking out the chrome on the grille going to be fairly similar on a B6 to a B7? and lastly, I’d love to drop it just a little bit to set the look, and make it a little more aggressive on the road, what is a good amount to drop without looking comical, but getting the desired effect? and what is the process/ price of having that done professionally? thanks so much, love your blog!

  2. @Pete – great questions. I don’t know of a similar blog, but for the B6 here are a few popular options:
    – B6 USP (Ultra Sport Package) front bumper
    – B6 S4 Front Bumper
    – B6 Oettinger front bumper (my personal favorite, but hard to find)
    – Deval B6 body kit

    Blacking out the grille is the exact same process, only your grille is much easier to remove from the car. Plasti dip or black spray paint will both do the trick

    And lastly – the suspension is the same from B6 to B7, so everything I posted here is applicable. I’d go for about a 1.5″ drop from stock. You can pick up a set of springs for about $200 and probably spend another $400 or so on the install to accomplish this.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Hey Nick,

    That Oettinger bumper is SIICK! Thank’s for putting up the pic I sent you. Much appreciated. Just an FYI the bumper is PURIM polyurethane, TUV approved and all that good stuff (not fiberglass). It is aggressive and definitely expensive. Thanks again man. Once I get time i’ll send you some more pics.

  4. Can you happen to tell me the headlight washer info for an 2005.5 S4 (B7)? I am having no luck and am getting conflicting info all over. Thanks!

  5. I have a 2005.5 S4 w/ a stock bumper. I took my bumper off to swap out my HIDs and do the LED DRL conversion…I put it all back together & found washer fluid was leaking all over. I discovered that my headlight washer on the passenger side was cracked. Question is: Do you know (definitively), what part I need to replace the driver side headlight washer on a B7 S4 w/ the stock bumper?

    Since last night this is what I have come up w/ – it actually matches the PN’s u mention on this post…
    Right side- 8E0-955-102-F
    Left Side- 8E0-955-101-E

    The bright side is that I’m going to swap the grill when I fix the headlight washer cylinder.

    I just bought the car…and am new to Audi’s…

    BTW- You website is awesome and a huge help! Give yourself a nice pat on the back and take yourself out for a nice dinner!

  6. @Jon – I believe those are the part numbers for the plastics covers (part of the bumper), not the washer units themselves. Here is a pic of that part from ECS: – it goes in to the bumper. Is that what you want?

    I’d recommend calling an Audi dealer and asking for the parts dept. They’re really good about helping you figure out what part you need, and will give you the part number. You don’t have to buy it from them. If you ask them for a price quote, I often say “I found it online for XX dollars, can you do any better” and they can usually get pretty close in price. The nice part about ordering it through Audi is that they’ll return it for you free-of-charge if its the wrong part and you don’t have to pay any shipping either.

  7. @Jon oh and thanks about the website! It’s a hobby of mine but I’m always happy to hear that people like it. It’s been fun to document the modding process as well 🙂

  8. How easy is it to mod the S4 bumper w/ the black mesh grill inserts from the RS4 (Center & Fog Grills)? Similar to your ride…but you have a different fog grill?

  9. Hey Nick,

    I have a B7 A4 that isn’t S-Line and I was wondering what you would recommend for a new bumper. I really like the look of your S4 with the mesh grilles. What do you think would be the best and most cost efficient way to do this?

  10. I like the S4 bumpers myself. You can often pick one up used or find a car that is wrecked or being parted out depending on where you are located…

  11. Thanks! I’ll look for that. And since I don’t have the S-Line I would need extra parts than just the bumper right? All the ones you listed at the beginning of the page?

  12. Yes I believe you need more parts than just the bumper to make the retrofit complete. I’ve never done it before but there are several DIYs on how to complete the transformation. The bumper and grilles are the most expensive part though.

  13. Hey Nick! Great blog! I’ve got a question or two concerning the fitment of the rims I’ve got that I want to put on my 2005 S4. Pulled these rims off my Q5 that I traded in b/c I loved their look & figured I’d use them again at some point.

    rim details: 20×8.5 ET 35mm
    bolt pattern: 5-112
    tires: 245/30ZR20

    Will this setup fit without rubbing at all (i.e. while driving, turning, etc.)? What do I need to do to make sure they don’t stick outside the wheel well, or minimize how far they stick out as much as possible?

  14. Those should be pretty flush, my only concern would be the tire size as a 245 width might rub. You might want to look around for 235 or even 225/30/20, but I’d just try it on as-is and see how it goes, that offset and wheel width is pretty safe…

  15. So an S4 front bumper cover would fit an S-Line without need of any extra parts. Is that correct?

  16. Thanks Nick, damaged my Bumper Cover (SLine), looking into buying S4 bumper cover as replacement.

  17. Hey Nick,

    I was wondering what your thoughts are on buying a bumper such as this
    off of ebay to give my 2007 a4 a face lift. I’m wary because I want to have a good looking, quality bumper, and I know some can be pretty expensive. Just wondering what your thoughts are.


  18. I have a B7 S4 that could use a new front and rear bumper. I’m going with the OEM DTM rear bumper but want my fog lights to carry over. Which front bumper would you recommend for the best figment / look all things considered?

  19. Hi Nick, you said how the Deval front bumper requires some modification to have it fit perfectly. Have you heard anything in regards to around how much the extra trimming and fitting costs? Or how off-fitting it looks without any modifications? I’m and very DIY type person since it saves money so the less the bumper ends up costing me the better.

  20. Hey Nick,

    I’m the guy with the silver Oettinger bumper who emailed you some pics a few years ago. Unfortunately that was smashed and needs to be replaced with a less expensive option. URO tuning offers an aggressive front bumper with a grille but I cant find a single pic of one installed or any reviews out there on the forums and wanted to know if you had any input. Here’s the link.

    Let me know what you think.


  21. Hey Rob – someone else asked about that, so I’m going to update this post…but the fitment of that bumper on the B7 looks great from the front, but a little awkward from the sides. Personally preference I guess, although I prefer the DTM front bumper if you wanted something aggressive and in that price range…

  22. Thanks Nick.. I think I’ll take your advice and go with the DTM, sucks about the no fog’s though. Might try to do a custom fog light fit…I’ll keep you posted

  23. Great article Nick… was at my sister’s apartment, where they believe the rebar should stick out of the curb guard by about 2 inches and ripped the front off my 2005.5 s4. Looking at a cheap fix from have you ever used them or know about them? Front bumper cover for $60 bucks, if they gave me the correct quote. Will have to run into town to see what it looks like. Not to much listed on the net. Drove her around and wore 2 of the wires that were hanging off the bumper. I know dumb! 2 of the 3 are fog light hookups. Do you know what the third one may be?
    I just finished painting the grill and she looks great.
    Thanks in advance

  24. No experience with certfit, but that price is certainly attractive – I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try? I’d do a test install before sending to paint just to make sure it will work though 😉

    The third wire is probably either your Homelink system (garage door opener) or the hook up for your headlight washers, if you have those. I assume this is on the driver side right where the fog light wiring is too?

  25. Thanks nick, will check out the bumper first. . Tested my home link and it’s not working so you are right. . Do you have any idea how many wires go to it? . I only have 2. And which wires plug in to connector which has 4 or 6 holes? . Thanks again that was very helpful.

  26. There should be two connectors in the bumper around the same area, and two connectors below your headlight. They’ll match up to each other, you can’t fit the wrong one in the wrong hole since they’re different sizes. Shoot me a pic/email if you can’t figure it out, I am sure I will recognize it but having trouble remembering exactly which one is which right now and don’t want to take my bumper off to confirm lol. cars @ for email…

  27. LOL… please don’t. Will send pic because when i drove around with the wires handing off it wore off the connection. Now you may not be able to tell anything from two bare wires but if you can that would help out. Will send them later but don’t take off your bumper.

  28. Hello ive got a 2005 audi s4 cabriolet but my front bumper has 2 grilles and the headlights aren’t curved like the .5
    Its not a b6 because ive got a couple of friends with 04 s4’s and they have different hoods znd bumpers but the dtyle is similar to mine.
    I wanted to know if i bought headlights and a front bumper would they just bolt right on if i got .5 oem parts?

    Looks like they will but im not 100% sure…

  29. Hey JEsse – email me a pic to be sure at but the cabriolet is slightly different than the sedan in terms of body styles and model years. The 05 S4 Cab should be a “B6” front end. The 2005.5/2006 “B7” front end is totally different.

  30. Hey Nick,

    I have a weird question. But first background info: I upgraded my non s-line front bumper to a DTM front bumper. The body shop says the 2 headlight washer covers for the DTM front bumper won’t mount/stay on because they need to mount to actual headlight washer pumps. The problem is my car doesn’t have a headlight washer system. How can I mount these headlight washer covers? Is there any custom way for them to stay on without the headlight washer pumps or would I have to buy the washer pumps?

  31. I would think you could just glue them in since you never need to remove them. Alternatively you could have the body shop mold them in, or create bracket to hold them in without buying the actual pumps themselves.

  32. I have a B7 S4 Avant and would like to go with RS4 grille. OEM is over $600! eBay is full of RS4 look-a-like grilles for non-sLine for under $100. Have you seen non-OEM grilles for s-Line B7?

  33. I haven’t unfortunately – I’ve been asking some of the manufacturers who make the replica grilles to consider producing some for the S-line/S4 grille but no one will bite. I think there would be a huge market there but that’s just me. Your best bet is to find one used.

  34. I recently bought a b7 s4 and i need a new fender and bumper, will an a4 front fender fit? its a 25quattro so is the body style the same, if both are b7? The 25quattro uses a dtm bumper right?

  35. They are interchangible, you’ll need a new grill and if your car was a 25quattro you wont have fog lights so you’ll need to figure out something there too. Personally I’d stick with the DTM bumper, both for looks and since the 25 quattro edition is pretty rare and best to keep it in tact.

  36. Hey Nick! Pardon the naivety here, but I have a B7 (2006, specifically) A4 S-Line, and I’m looking to put in a black mesh grille, with the filler. Am I right in thinking that an B7 S4 mesh grille would fit onto mine? I’m having trouble tracking a non-OEM one down. There are loads of non-S-Line A4 black mesh grilles on every site, but I didn’t know if you had any thoughts here that wouldn’t break the bank (I’d paint mine otherwise, but mine has a few small cracks). Thanks for the help!

  37. Hi Daniel – you are correct, there are only aftermarket mesh grilles for non S-line grills, not the S-line/S4/RS4 grill. The S-line, S4, and RS4 all share the same, larger grill, so those are all interchangeable, but no aftermarket options exist so you have to go OEM which is much pricier. Hope that helps!

  38. Hello…I own a 2015 audi a4 sline quattro…my son bump something on front bumper and honeycomb grill. I am trying to find the parts online and I am not having much luck. I am trying to find the best deal as my son will be paying half. Thank you for your help

  39. I’m just trying to replace a stock 05 A4 Quattro convertible front bumper. The first 3 digits for the part # for my VIN calls for an 8H0… I found an OEM bumper that matches every digit except it starts out 8E0…any idea what that difference is? Audi dealer says it is a newer ’07 up to 09 part number for the convertible. Will it fit? No washers. Original had all the holes with plug covers though.

  40. Do you have a pic of your car? It sounds like a B6 and not a B7 in which case that probably won’t fit, but maybe you have a 2005.5 that is the B7 body style.

  41. Thanks Scott – sadly this is pretty common. Usually Google is pretty good about not ranking stolen content in the search results, and ranking the original source instead. I submitted a DCMA request to Google to notify them of the issue. Appreciate the heads up!

  42. Hello nick am trying to do a face lift on my 06 audi a4 convertible b7 any suggestions i tried that bumper i got off ebay but its not fitting

  43. Do you have pictures of the fitment? The cheap eBay bumpers sometimes have poor fitment and need a good amount of body work…but a 06 convertible is normally the B6 body style not B7, so then it would be way off since the fenders and hood are different too.

  44. Hey Nick, big fan of the site, love it

    Curious, got a dtm rear bumper but stock A4 front. For a DTM bumper, is it a relatively straightforward swap with minor bits or do I have to order little things along the way?

  45. Hello again! Would a b7 front chin spoiler fit on a b6 cabriolet bumper? The shape looks the same but id hate to buy it and not be able to return it.
    I dont think a normal b6 chin spoiler would fit on a b6 cabriolet bumper. Both are b6 but the front bumpers are completely different

  46. Normally B7 parts will not fit on a B6 for body work, but front chin spoilers can sometimes be curved to fit – the cars are still generally the same width. It would be a gamble on your part.

  47. Hey Nick, just had an accident with my front bumper and ripped the whole thing off :/. I have an B7 A4 and am wondering what the part name or number for a piece that is broken off. On the Audi USA parts website specifically under ‘Front bumper & grille. bumper and components”, I cannot figure out what the name of part 14. I will attach a direct link so you can easily see what I am talking about. If you know of or could figure out what the name of this part is, it would be greatly appreciated, as out of all the parts in the diagram on the website, of course this one is not in list below. Thank you!–GRILLE-BUMPER–COMPONENTS/1398005.html

  48. Hey Chad – I’d try looking it up on, they tend to have good data on that kind of thing. If not, call your local dealership and have them look up the PN, they should definitely have it.

  49. Hey Nick.

    So your “shared grilles” comment at the end had me a little confused.

    I have a B7 S4. Non-DTM bumper. Will a B7 RS4 grille be a direct swap?

  50. I just picked up a 08 A4 quattro (B7) for my kids. The front grill is missing the interior grilles (next to the fog lights) I am not having any luck finding replacements on the internet. Any ideas on better searches or where to get inexpensive replacements? Thanks.

  51. Hi, I have a 2005.5 Audi A4 2.0. It took me awhile to conclude it has the B7 body style as printed under the floor mats. I am here comparing images to what front bumper I currently have as I believe it is either custom or modified opposed to OEM parts & have significant damage to my existing one, thus need a replacement. Can you attest if there are any marks on the bumper itself indicating the manufacturer or can I send a photo of the front to see if you can identify it with your experience? Thanks

  52. Hey Nick,

    Thank you so much for this blog! It was very informative. I recently hit a deer with my 07 B7 A4 and now in the market for a new front bumper and grille. I was looking into the Rs4 style bumper from eBay. Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels the same way about the side view of it lol. I really like the painted bumper in the last picture, would really like more info on it. like whats the masking procedure to insure nice clean lines, what kind of paint to use and so forth. Thank you!!!

  53. I would actually just try out 3M vinyl to start with, you can cut it really straight and matte black is a good color to go with! Alternatively, plasti-dip is a good way to test it out…

  54. Hi Nick, I am looking to upgrade my Audi A4/B7 2008 Cabriolet with a body kit. I’ve found a great rear bumper and side skirts from Magnatuning in Europe. I also found a front bumper “extension” on their website that shows it on a 2008 B7 Avant, labeled as A4 B7 8E SX. The distributor said it wont fit my cabriolet, even though the front bumpers look identical. Any idea if there is a difference in front bumpers between these two models?
    Thank you, Michael, San Diego, Ca.

  55. So I have a B7 A4 base package, my car is lowered and I damaged the front bumper so looking to replace it. I love the RS4 style ones you have listed at bottom but was curious if there is any option for this car that does not have the big black solid bar in the middle of the grill. Would love to just have a full mesh grill with no obstruction on it, its a cleaner look in my opinion but havent really seen one that fits for the B7 A4.

  56. Hey, just a heads-up. The part numbers you listed as the headlight washer covers for the SLine/S4 front bumper cover are actually the part numbers for the individual washer pumps. The correct part numbers for their small covers are: 8E0955275EGRU- Left, and 8E0955276EGRU- Right.

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