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Super VII Leather Balsam Review


As many of the readers of this blog know, I have a love/hate relationship with my platinum silver seats – I LOVE the color, but hate how difficult it is to maintain it and how badly it shows even the tiniest cracks and imperfections that have arisen over the 10+ years the car has been driven. To that end I’m always trying new products and was contacted by the owner of Indian Summer Leather Design to try out their latest product which they have exclusive rights to sell in the US after it’s become very popular in my car’s homeland of Germany – it’s so good they were willing to send me a free sample product ($30 value) to try it out.


I love a company that is willing to put it’s money where it’s mouth is, so I gave it a shot and I was really impressed. To apply it I started by cleaning the seats using Leatherique Pristine Clean to get any surface containments off, then I massaged in the product with the included sponge and let sit. After a few minutes I wiped off any excess product and it was immediately noticeable the improvement in the leather texture. It goes on super easy, much like leather conditioner for shoes (shoes and belts are actually one of the other use-cases listed on the packaging), and doesn’t really need any elbow grease. I applied it extra thick on the side bolsters and anywhere else there was cracking in the leather which seemed to help.


I also applied the product on my steering wheel, shift knob, and e-brake handle and it made a nice improvement there too. The main advantage of this product is helps leather that feels dried out feel moisturizee and more supple to the touch, making it feel like the leather is a lot newer than it really is. The secondary advantage is that it also helps tighten up the leather a little where it’s become stretched out, and help minimize any wrinkles or stretch marks – it won’t be a miracle worker, but it definitely helps much like applying make-up can make you look better but not completely hide any imperfections. You can see my driver’s seat below still has some discoloration where the finish completely wore off from abrasion of my jeans, but the rest of the leather looks really, really good.


When you look at the leather close-up it almost seems like the “pores” of the leather are less noticeable and more consistent, again making the leather look and feel newer – I wish I had come across this product years ago before my driver’s seat got so bad. After applying this product a little over a week ago the leather has retained the softer feel and tighter look, so the product seems to be fairly durable and long-lasting which is good to see.


A little additional information from the importer, Indian Summer Leather:

We’re thrilled to help meet the insatiable customer demand for Super VII Leather Balsam. Made with jojoba oil and beeswax, this completely natural leather care product smells amazing and works wonders. One container is enough to protect 10 leather couches or 1,000 leather shoes. The beeswax impregnates, protects and waterproofs all leather and skins. The jojoba oil conditions & nourishes the leather, restoring its original colour, preserving its appearance and extending its life.

You can buy directly on Indian Summer Leather’s website or on Amazon.

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