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B7 Audi RS4 Lower Grilles on a S4 or S-Line Bumper

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Audi S4 front

After installing my RS4 grille in the center, main grille area, I wanted to make my fog grilles match the same mesh style. While there are tons of options out there to buy generic mesh or worse yet, chickenwire from Home Depot, I wanted the mesh to match 100% so I went and bought some OEM RS4 lower grilles that I could then modify to work on my B7 Audi S4 bumper. You can pickup the grilles below:

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RS4 Fog Grilles

The process is nearly the same as the RS6 grille mod – simply cut out the mesh from the RS4 grille using a dremel or similar instrument, cut to the mesh desired size, cut out the insides of the existing S4/S-line grilles, then use ultra strong adhesive to glue in the RS4 mesh to the S-line grille surrounds. I had my body shop do the dirty work on this mod, but I used this DIY as inspiration if you want to try it yourself.

Audi S4 Front

No paint is required, and the fog grilles are easy to take on or off by pushing in three tabs, so this is an easy DIY!

Nick Roshon

Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick's Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


  1. Thanks, and yes I’m definitely loving it, although I’ll always have a soft spot for the A4, great car as well 🙂

  2. How come you took the black 19″ BBS wheels off? They would look great with the new blacked out additions! Otherwise, loving the car! Do you know of any similar DIY VW GTI Mk2/Mk3 blogs out there?

  3. They’ll be back on soon 🙂 One got damaged so I took the set off for repair, I got the wheel back so now I just need to stop being lazy and put them back on!

  4. Love the new looks, I actually have a Red B7 A4 and have been saving up to do the same paint additions (Specifically the chrome strip on the trunk). How much did that put you down?

  5. Nice! My buddy owns his own paint shop so he really doesn’t charge me much. I had him paint a few things at once and I think I ended up giving him $100 or so for the trunk trim, valence and front grille…

  6. Hey Nick,
    Nice work on these upgrades and really nice style choices.
    Where did you pick up that front lip? Is it CF of just CF look?
    Also are you riding on stock suspension or have you upgraded that as well?

  7. What size are the tires on this car Nick? I’m assuming these are 19″ wheels? The front looks non-lowered and I like to look if I could get it to that without lowered, hoping I can do this exactly with my 2008 B7 A4 Quattro Special Edition that has factory 17″ wheels.

  8. In the pictures these were just the stock 18″ wheels that came with Audi with factory size tire (235/40/18). I was not lowered in the pictures either 🙂

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