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Audi TTRS MSS Spring Kit for Magnetic Ride

Audi TTRSMy good friend Craig who is an avid track enthusiast recently installed the MSS Spring Kit for his Audi TTRS. This kit keeps the magnetic ride option from the factory, but lowers the car slightly and provides a more sporty spring rate for performance driving. The kit is available for any MK2 TT owners with magnetic ride – more info can be found on their Facebook page. Craig wrote up a review, which I got his permission to reshare here…

I had the MSS kit installed yesterday – the tuners had no issue during installation, it was all pretty straight forward. I did ask them to make the ride height equal between the front and the back as that was the stock rake. So they put the rear to the lowest level and it is still slightly higher than the front. While the car was at the dealers I also replaced my front brake pads with Hawk HP+ which is one step more aggressive than I had before.

I had the alignment redone and they kept it pretty much how I had it before except now the front camber on both sides is -1.4 deg on the front with toe being 0, rears I kept to stock setting.


Street Testing (Sport Button Off)

For my initial drive I kept it normal mode (i.e. did not switch on the sport button) to feel what the difference is…it’s a much more comfortable ride especially over the bumps, and kit has definitely removed the harsh hit which jars the whole car….. I even looked for the bumps and it was much better.

Handling under hard acceleration did not have the tail squat at all, you see still feel the weight moving to the rear but the tail does not dip and it feels like the cars just pulls now…the car is also very composed under hard braking from street speed. Cornering feels a lot more level without excessive body roll and it feels like the limit to get the rear to rotate is a little higher as the tale feels very stable but also with no understeer. I have yet to switch off the ESP so I know that plays a big part.

For now that is the feedback I have and overall thus far I am extremely satisfied with the kit as I get a bit more comfortable but improved handling, you have a winner here.

Street Testing (Sport Button On)

The car is still very composed even with the sport button on, as the suspension definitely still firms up but somehow the bumps are not as harsh as before. I would equate the ride comfort with Sport on to the stock springs with sport off without sacrifice in handling.

The car definitely tightens up and is a lot more precise between sport on and off. I usually avoid using sport mode when driving on the street as it was just to hard. but I kept it in sport mode the entire weekend….

On Saturday a friend of mine who also owns a TTRS took a ride with me and immediately noticed that the car was more compliant and easier over the bumps than stock.

High speed handling also is spot on with a seamless transition from turn in to corner exit, also did a few high speed braking and the tail definitely stayed in check without much drama.

So far I am very pleased and amazed at the completeness of the system…I am looking forward to testing it on track now.

Track Testing (Pirelli Racing Slicks)

So before I hit the track this weekend I had replaced my front brake pads with a more aggressive Hawk HP+ on the front and the rear with HT10 which is one step more aggressive than the fronts. I mention this as the first point I wanna make is car composure under hard braking (140 mph to 70mph) on MSS…before the car moved around quite a bit on the same track but this time was very composed, braked in a straight line without the tail getting light…the suspension definitely could handle the greater braking force from the new pad setup.

The above breaking point is followed by a long sweeping constant radius turn in which the body roll was minimal but I could steer the car around with my right foot….which was a lot of fun but also quicker….I had a bit of a concern that on the aggressive tires (Pirellii Racing Slicks) I would be able to feel the transition between the spring rates on the rear, my concern was unfounded and the transition was seamless.

The next section of track took me through multiple “S” curves at 4th gear speeds where direction change was easily controlled but again could get the rear out if needed. Even when the rear does step out, it is easily managed and progressive which makes it predictable.

The MSS kit definitely allowed me to make better use of the tires and get more grip without fighting body roll, understeer and squat.

As my car is a daily driver and a weekend track warrior I am very satisfied with on street and track handling. This is a well rounded kit and solved the little things I wanted changed in the suspension for drivability and performance…..


Photo Credits: CargoCollective, Myself

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  1. Typo:
    “On Saturday a friend of mine who also owns a TTRS took a ride with me and immediately noticed that the car was more complaint and easier over the bumps than stock.”

    I think you mean “compliant” not “complaint” 😉

  2. So no need to add a rear camber bar (like neuspeed has them)? I was going through tires like crazy before I added the adjustment bar. This was for Gen1 though. Thinking of getting a Gen3 TTS with Magnetic Ride and based on pics so far it looks like it needs lowering to look decent. So I’m wondering if that one will need a camber kit.

  3. I’d contact the manufacturer to confirm, but it sounds like you should still be able to align to spec based on what my friend Craig in this post did.

  4. I don’t have anything definitive, no…never ran them on my car. I believe on the forums it required some modification to get to fit, but I don’t recall exactly…

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