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US Legal C5 Audi RS6 Avants For Sale at AZ Euros!

Not just one but two fully legal C5 RS6s for sale out of Arizona dealership AZ Euros

You may remember AZ Euros from a past article here where they were selling imported & fully US legal B5 RS4s, which is arguably one of the most desirable Audi avants for those of state-side.

And if you were going to have that argument on which Audi wagons were the best, chances are the C5 RS6 would also be high on that list…and you’d be right.

AZ Euros, a boutique Audi/VW importer, dealer, and performance shop in Arizona, knew this and after importing some B5 RS4’s they figured the next best thing that they could import would be the C5 RS6.

You may be thinking that the C5 RS6 was available in the US – and you’re correct…but for one year (2003), and only as a sedan.

While wagon lovers were seriously disappointed, the 2003 RS6 Sedan in the US is still highly sought after and have slowly been climbing up in value.

Featuring a twin turbo V8 that puts out 450 hp, and room to modify to much higher numbers, the car ticks (almost) all of the boxes – speed, sound, factory widebody, and timeless styling.

The box(es) not ticked?

Lack of wagon, and (IMO) lack of manual transmission.

While it’s pretty easy to swap a manual into the C5 RS6, grafting a wagon onto a sedan is a serious undertaking as Daniel found out on his B7 that I featured a while back. A few have gone this route, but even with very deep pockets it will be difficult to match the quality of OEM.

You could get a C5 wagon and try to upgrade it to RS6 spec, but the restoration would be super extensive (and expensive) only to create a car that will never quite match the real deal.

What is an Audiphile and wagon lover to do? Import one.

C5 RS6 Avants – For Sale!

I’ve only known of one other C5 RS6 avant in the states, and it was owned by Paul Walker of Fast & Furious fame, and was a legal import.

This isn’t Paul’s specific car, but the buster had great taste.

Rumor has it there is one other legally imported RS6 avant in the states (besides Pauls), and these two machines now double that number to four (or shall we say, quattro?).

These two cars both came to the US from Germany, via Japan, to eventually arrive at AZ Euros in Phoenix, Arizona.

Importing isn’t easy, but the juice sure is worth squeeze, especially when you can hire someone like AZ Euros to handle all of the heavy lifting.

AZ Euros has put together this awesome video to announce the cars, as well as shared some pictures with my site to help promote this special (and rare) opportunity to own a fully legal C5 RS6 avant:

The import process into the US took nearly 2 years, as well as a significant amount of cost…but thankfully this something the AZ Euros team does for you, so you can buy it and drive it.

If you’re interested in importing a rare car they offer this as a service, which you can inquire about here.

The biggest question you probably have is how much will it cost?

Well, there are significant costs in getting them transported, duties upon entry, bonds, DOT conformity, and EPA conformity.

When people ask Chad, owner of AZ Euros, how he was able to get it in the US, he responds, “with a lot of time, and a lot of money.”

But when I learned the price, I was a bit surprised at how affordable it was given the rarity.

They are being offered for $49K-$59K which is less than the cost of a new A6…and while it doesn’t have all of the latest features like Apple Carplay, it’s got a twin turbo V8, so I think it’s safe to say this is a far better choice for the money.

The Daytona Grey RS6 avant arrived first, months before the silver avant; it was not their plan to have two for sale at the same  time, but the way that it worked out with testing and getting them cleared and approved, they were only a few weeks apart in getting cleared.

And yes, these cars are DOT and EPA approved; however, they are not California CARB tested.

They will be sold with Arizona titles, in the name of the company. 

They are both 2003 model year cars, as the US only got the 2003 Sedan, hence that is the only year the NHTSA has approved for import.

There are 2002-2004 RS6’s but AZ Euros can’t import them due to the process of getting them legalized (there needs to be an equivalent version sold in US to make this possible).

The Daytona Grey car has 70k miles and AZ Euros did an extensive, engine out maintenance on this car when they got it. It’s a slightly more desirable color and in pristine condition, so it’s got a slightly higher price tag at $59.9K to drive it off the lot and into your (US-based) garage!

You can view the listing on their site here: https://azeuros.com/inventory/2003-audi-rs6-avant/

The silver car has 87k miles, which is a little higher, and has had an inspection but the previous owner had already done the major service so it didn’t get as thorough of a refresh, so AZ Euros is able to offer it cheaper.

It rides and drives amazing, but AZ Euros opted to not do the full servicing on this one to keep the price lower for those willing to take on more the maintenance theirselves. You can view the listing for this one here: https://azeuros.com/inventory/2003-audi-rs6-avant-2/

Not only is their inventory insane, but the owners are true Audi enthusiasts who know the ins & outs of the importing process, making them my favorite dealer website to bookmark and check out…from Q7 TDIs to modded RS4s, they seem to always have something I want to buy.

While I plan for my TTRS to stay in my stable for a while, eventually I plan to add a four (or five) door into my life, and they’re going to be one of the first calls I make.

Until then, I can enjoy the beauty of these cars from afar, and hope that someone in SoCal buys them so I can see them around at shows.

They sold a B5 RS4 to one of the owners of Rotiform, which I got to see a few times, and it was an absolute treat.

Parked next to supercars and hypercars, the B5 RS4 stood out as unique and exceptional, while GT3s started to seem cliche.

While I’d never buy a car to impress someone else, there is something about owning a 100% legal and generally unobtainable car like this that will impress people no matter where you go.

Leave a comment and let me know what should AZ Euros import next?

My vote is an RS2 or B7 RS4 avant, but I’m good with any high performance wagon we didn’t get…America needs more wagons!

PS – they also have an Imola Yellow B5 RS4 Avant for sale (legally imported like their C5 RS6s) if that is more your speed: https://azeuros.com/inventory/2001-audi-rs4-avant/

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