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Chris Sandelli’s Camo Allroad

Camo Allroad by Jace Stout

This month’s Featured Ride first caught my eye from my friend David’s coverage of Wuste 2014, and then I saw the car (and owner) pop up in my Instagram feed as @CRSANDELLI and I had to reach out to Chris and learn more. Chris was kind enbough to share more information and pictures which I’ve posted here, and he happens to work at Audi Denver in Littleton, Colorado, so be sure to hit him up if you need any help with a new or used Audi in that area.

Camo Allroad

While this car looks extreme, the mod list is actually fairly straightforward:

  • Suspension: Airlift Performance Series bags with Auto Pilot V2 Management
  • Wheels: OEM RS5 wheels with 255/30/20 Hankook Ventus V12 tires
  • Rack & Box: Thule Aero Blade cross bars with Inno Shadow 16 Ski Box
  • Vinyl: Inspired by Jon Olson’s RS6 Avant

Camo Allroad by Nathan Tello

For more about the car, I reached out to Chris himself, who shared the story of the build and the inspiration behind it:

I’ve always had a dream of owning an Avant, but Audi’s withdraw of the A4 Avant in late 2012 left a void that was soon filled by the 2013 Allroad’s introduction. I wasn’t too keen on the car at first, I just couldn’t find a vision for the car. My interest was sparked when I saw the RPI Equipped Allroad from Canada dropped on bags. Dropping the car in tandem with the fender flares makes it look like the wide body Avant the US will never have.

When I got the Allroad, I immediately lowered the car on Stasis Coilovers. It rode nice and firm, cornered flat as a pancake but Colorado roads are not very forgiving so I found myself holding my breath every time I would journey into Downtown Denver or hit an expansion joint on the highway. Hence came the air suspension, I’ve never owned a car with air before, but it’s a remarkably way to low a car. I can drive it high and park it low, and the level of comfort is unparalleled. The air suspension was done last minute right before Wuste Vegas 2014, but Jordan Spitzner at Hardey’s Motorwerks got the job done.

When I saw Jon Olson’s RS6 Avant done up with the camo pattern, I knew I wanted to be the first guy state side to replicate it. I approached Brian Wenzel of Frontier Graphics with my crazy idea over lunch, and we hit it off. What still amazes me is that Brain replicated the design perfectly going solely off of photos we found on the internet.

All in – I love the monster I’ve created. It’s not only an expression of my passion for the brand, but a conversation piece and great segway into what I do (selling Audi’s!).

Camo Allroad

Future plans may include but are not limited to a K04, exhaust and software tune. Definitely an awesome car, perfect for Colorado or anywhere really.

Photo Credits: Nathan Tello: @Nerdiest_, David Venezia: @REBELXTNUT, Jace Stout: @boostedavant

Parts/Install Thanks: Wheels & Car: @AudiDenver, Air Suspension: @1552_coneklr, Air Install: @jordan_hmw, Vinyl by: @Frontiergi

Camo Allroad by David Venezia

Thanks for sharing the pics and the build info, Chris!

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  1. This has got to be one of the coolest audi i have seen. Some inspiration to get new vinyls for my A6!

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