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HID Fog Lights on a B7 Audi A4 and S4

Upgrade those weak fog lights to something more powerful!

B7 S4 HID Fogs - Before & After

I just finished installing HID/Xenon Fog Lights on my B7 Audi S4 and it was super easy! The only tool you need is a T25 Torx bit and a pair of hands and you’re ready to go. I was worried I would have to remove the front bumper to do this, but luckily that was not the case. It took about 30 minutes to install the HID kit and is something that even a beginner DIYer should be able to tackle. This is a great way to get a little extra visibility when driving in fog or low lit situations, although the primary function is looks. Before you jump in with this DIY, the other way to achieve the same look is a LED bulb – which is the same price, and roughly the same cost. The advantage of LED vs HID can be read about here, but ultimately the LEDs might be easier if you’re primarily concerned with looks since you don’t have to deal with mounting a ballast, but the LEDs won’t throw the light quite as far.

The HID kit I chose for my B7 (2005.5-2008) Audi S4 is made by XenTec and uses “slim” ballasts which makes them super easy to mount. The kit is about $40 which is pretty affordable, and you can pick a variety of colors depending on how bright you want them. I went with 6000k which is a nice, crisp white like the OEM bulbs. You can buy the kit from Amazon using the link to the right. For LED bulbs, you’ll also need H11 but don’t have the color choice so ordering is more straightfoward. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on installing the HID kit on your B7 Audi A4 or S4.

Step 1 – Remove Fog Light Grilles

B7 Fog Light Grille Removal

Locate the two tabs along the upper-inside edge of the grille. You can see one pictured above and the next pictured below. Pull downward on the tabs to release and then gently pull the grille away from the car and it will pop out.

B7 Fog Light Grille Removal

Once the grille has popped off you can see each tab as pictured below. Place the grille aside as you’ll reinstall it later. This is a good opportunity to clean them while they’re out, and be sure to place them on a soft surface so you don’t scratch them during the rest of this procedure.

B7 Fog Light Grille Removal

Step 2 – Remove the Fog Lights

B7 Fog Light Removal

Next remove the fog lights themselves by removing the three screws pictured above. They are T25 torx bits and simply unscrew like a normal screw would. Once the screws are removed the glass housing will pop out and you can then remove the halogen bulb by pressing in the tab and pulling the wiring off the back of the bulb.

B7 Fog Light Removal

Step 3 – Connect the HID ballast & bulb

HID Ballasts B7 Audi S4

Next, you can install the HID kit. The OEM factory wiring plugs into the back of the ballast, then the wiring coming out of the ballast plugs into the bulb, matching the red wires and black wires to each other, as pictured below:

HID Wiring B7 Audi S4

Next insert the bulb into the housing and turn clockwise to lock it in. Once locked in, turn the fogs on real quick to ensure all of the connections are solid before screwing the fog light housing back into place. If the fog light doesn’t light up, check your connections and wiring to make sure nothing is loose or mis-matched.

HID Wiring B7 Audi S4 Complete

Step 4 – Mount the HID Ballasts and Reinstall Everything

HID Ballasts on B7 S4 Fog Lights

The HID kit comes with double-sided tape to mount the ballasts with. Stick the tape to the plastic side of the ballast (not the metal side) and then find a place to tape up the ballasts. Make sure the metal side of the ballasts are not touching any plastic as it gets hot enough to melt plastic. I mounted the drivers side as pictured above, and the passengers side as pictured below.

HID Ballasts on B7 S4 Fog Lights

Step 5 – Admire Your HID Fogs

B7 Audi A4 and S4 Fog Lights DIYThe difference in light output & color is huge! I took a few shots to compare before and after with the drivers side having the HID kit installed, and the passenger side being the OEM halogen bulbs. It’s quite the difference, and these photos don’t even do it justice. The only downside is the HID light isn’t focused by a projector lens, so they can be a bit blinding to oncoming traffic since there is no cut-off like a headlight bulb normally would. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the light output – you can see the light is a bit more scattered due to the lack of the projector, but otherwise great.

B7 Audi A4 and S4 Fog Lights DIY

Any questions? Let me know in the comments below…

Nick Roshon

Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick's Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


  1. Hey Nick

    I just looked at your HID Fog post anf have a couple of questions. I have a 2006 S4 myself and live where DRLs are manditory. Your car seems to be using the fogs as DRLs. Is the case? If so how did you do it and do the fogs still work with the headlight switch?

    I want to get the HIDs for fogs so bad as the 1156 DRLs suck. If it means anything I have the Auto headlight switch as well.

    Oh one last thing any codes after the install?

    Thanks, Brian

  2. I actually don’t have my fogs set to work as DRLs, they are still independent. You can wire them to turn on when your DRLs go on though, check out this guide for that:

    No codes with either the HID fogs or the LED DRLs. The fogs are just plug and play like described here. The DRL bulbs do require a resistor, which I explain how to do here:

    Hope that helps!

  3. Nick,

    Just a question regarding this mod.
    Have you had any problems with it since you installed it?
    any melted bodywork?
    I ordered my HID H11 conversion kit over a month ago and still waiting for it to arrive…

    I previously installed the DRL LED conversion with resistors but have since removed it as i wasn’t happy with the resistors floating around freely and they get insanely hot, which made me not really wanna use them for fear of melting my bi-xenon headlight housing

  4. I haven’t had any issues, no. If you’re worried about the resistors, you could just find some metal to mount them to. I believe most resistors come with two screw holes for mounting…

  5. Ok, I’m still waiting for my HID kit to come but have since complained and requested a refund as they still havent arrived so giving up on them and thinking about ordering the same ones you bought.

    one question tho, did you have any light out warnings pop up? cos i’ve noticed with nearly all the lighting mods i’ve done i’ve had warning lights…

  6. Hey nick,

    I have a 2008 Audi a4 Quattro. I ordered the hid fog light kit and installed them today. They work for sure and sure amazingly gorgeous! However I noticed that when I turned my car on to admire them I kept getting a front left fog light out warning. This lasted a minute or so and stopped. The warning light disappeared too. Any idea (other than poor connection), what might cause this?

  7. That’s really strange…I’m not sure what could be causing it, but given it goes after after the car warms up I’m guessing it may be an issue with lower voltage. Definitely check the connections, if not you may have to add a resistor or something…

  8. Thanks! I found out what the issue was. It was a bad ballast. It was causing the light out issues and finally just died altogether last night. I had them one day! Crazy.

  9. So these fog lights are fully plug and play and error free ? sorry if its a dumb question i just want to be sure thank you !

  10. Hey,

    Do you get any error codes with canbus with these HID kit? I have led’s with resistors now and it works fine, but I want HIDs to next summer.


  11. Nick,

    From your install instructions it appears everything was plug-and-play and that you did not have to resort to electrical tape or other machinations to get things to connect up. Is that correct — i.e., all of the electrical connections are “OEM”?


  12. Hi meme,
    That’s correct, no splicing or crimping or taping involved. The only exception to that is to mount the ballasts you’ll want to use double sided tape or possibly screw it in. BTW nice car! Love following your posts on QW…

  13. Awesome, thanks! Had to return the first set I ordered (not these) since they wanted me to tape stuff up — NFW I’m doing that on my car 🙂 Thanks again and keep these blog entries coming 🙂

  14. Meem – happy to help, let me know how it goes. PS thanks again for the shift knob and e brake handle, you can check them out a few posts down…

  15. Hey Nick, another question for you 🙂

    Just installed a set of 35w 6000K HIDs into aftermarket headlights AND my fogs, and here’s what currently happens;

    1) headlights usually both turn on, but sometimes throw a “dipped headlight” message, other times only when I turn on my high beams do I get an issue.

    2) right fog turns on OK but left just flickers and doesn’t ignite after the HID install.

    Car is a 2006 B7 A4 (color DIS) and I am wondering if you have any idea’s on how to address either issue?

  16. @Damir – did the dipped headlight warning happen before you replaced the bulbs? Dipped headlight warnings happen a lot with these cars, some people have fixed it by replacing bulbs, others by replacing ballasts. Kind of hit or miss to trouble shoot it. The headlights should use a 55w bulb not a 35w bulb so this may be causing the issue…

    2 – what fog lights did you use? did the ballasts have Can-Bus in them? It may be that they’re drawing too little current. Alternatively it could just be a bad ballast or bulb on the left?

  17. Hey, no it did not. I had stock halogen headlights.

    I used the same kit for the fogs, neither of which are CAN-BUS I don’t think.

  18. @Damir – the headlights are probably having problems since you don’t have a can-bus enabled kit. I’d search for one that was designed to be compatible for Audis with a can-bus module to avoid error codes like the one you’re getting.

    For the fog lights – try switching the left and the right and seeing if the problem persists. Its possible one fo the bulbs or ballasts are just bad, so if putting the left bulb/ballast on the right side doesn’t fix it, then I’d assume its a faulty unit.

  19. Good point Nick, will do. Do you think error cancellors would help the fog light issue?

    I know they would most likely fix the error I get on my dash for the headlights, but what about my fogs just flickering and not turning on fully?

    Also, is there a way to directly test my HID kit to check if its faulty? People talk about “connecting it directly to the battery” but I’m not sure how this is done….

    Thanks again!

  20. I don’t think you’ll need error cancellers for the fogs – at least I didn’t. I think you probably have a bad bulb or ballast on your left fog which is causing it to flicker and die. It’s possible the bulb or ballast got damaged during shipping.

    For the headlight – I’m not sure about testing it by connecting directly to the battery. It sounds like your headlights work though – they just throw an error since they’re not drawing enough current at 35w and with no can-bus module…

  21. I meant testing the potentially broken fog HID kit by connecting it directly to the battery somehow. Sorry if that wasn’t clear 🙂

  22. Hey Nick, big fan of your website, I’ve followed a few of the mods myself. Quick question though, will these work on an 06 A4 B7 with lights and wipers that turn on automatically? I have standard halogen headlights and I’ve heard conflicting ideas on how these HID kits work with my car, thanks!

  23. I wouldn’t see why that should impact the fog light operation. My only guess (knowing the b7 so well) is that maybe it might throw a code in certain cases? If you order through Amazon I believe they have free returns (double check this first though) so I’d say give it a shot and see what happens…you may need to add resistors or get a CAN-BUS style adapter to prevent a code, but I haven’t heard of throwing codes for fog lights, only the main headlight housings…

  24. ive just installed HID H11 fog light bulbs into my A4 B7 Avant but i havnt used ballasts is that a problem ???? i havnt any error bulbs out or anything and there are both working fine

  25. @Stephen – are you sure they’re HID bulbs then, or are they just HID-look bulbs? True HID bulbs will require ballasts, but there are some halogen bulbs that have Xenon gas in them and are marketed as “HID look” bulbs. Where did you order them from?

  26. Hi Nick, great mods.
    Firstly, have you got a link where I can purchase error free HID H11 kit for my 2006 B7
    Also I have auto lights with Bi Xennons is it possible to active headlights to come on with the “comming home Feature” at the moment the fogs just come on??


  27. Hi Lee – the link is in the post, but I’ve also copied and pasted it here: XenTec Slim Ballast HID Kit H11 6000K (ultrawhite)

    If your car is equipped with the coming home feature, there should be a small circular knob to the right of your headlight switch that you can move from 0 to 1. My car has two of these knobs – one for DRLs and one for Coming Home – turn both to 1 and they should both be turned on.

  28. Hi, my b7 does not have auto headlights. Does anyone know if i buy an auto switch is it plug and go? If not how would i connect it?


  29. Adam – I believe it is more involved than just adding a switch, but I thought Auto headlights were on every b7. Where are you located? are your headlights xenon/HID or are they halogen? What does your switch look like currently?

  30. Hi Nick, tried turning both to 01 and didnt work, one swithch is DRL the other is the comming home feature and it only brings on the wanted the headlights to activate??

  31. hey Nick,
    I’ve had a 06 3.2 a4 for about the years now and just stumbled upon your goldmine of a blog lol. so much useful stuff here it’s ridiculous. I am highly considering this mod and had one question since Lee brought up the coming home feature. adding the ballasts and hid kit shouldn’t affect that feature at all right? I don’t want to do the mod and the feature stop working.

  32. Hi Shawn – no, this mod doesn’t impact coming home – I too have the coming home feature and enjoy it even more now that my fogs light up super bright 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!

  33. sweet. totally ordering this today and gonna try and get it installed this weekend. thanks for the help

  34. Nick, I love your blog. Thanks for the info. HAve you ever thought about replacing your headlights with the B8 lights?

  35. Hey nick, thanks for the write up on that. I purchased them then looked at mine n realised I had to take my bumper off but luckily I had done that to plasti dip my grille. I’m using your blog as my goal for my car. Slowly but surely! But that was a real nice plug n play painless install and they fired right up no error codes or anything on mine..

  36. Nice, good to hear it Kyle! Bumper removal is a pain, but the end result is worth it. Just make sure you’re lining the bumper up really well when you put it back on so you don’t get bad gaps between the bottom of the hood and top of the grille 🙂

  37. Haha ya a serious pain, but I’m pretty quick now and definitely gives me confidence in doing more crazy things. Quick question for you! I have the projector xenon gas lights the 6000k is so blue it doesn’t match my lights should I get 4300k or do they fade? Though at the same time it is incredible on how much the fogs enhance the road I just wish they were truly ultra white. I’m planning on getting a new grille soon so o plan on doing it at the same time, also I saw on your posts awhile back the rear valance with mesh in it, where can I locate that?

  38. I don’t think they fade much, if they do fade it’s over a pretty long time period. I’d upgrade the other set of bulbs to all match.

    The rear valence with the mesh in it – not totally sure what you mean…perhaps the DTM rear bumper? It’s an OEM part so an Audi Dealer or or are all good places to start 🙂 Check out this post too:

  39. Its from rieger! But ya I was looking for that link you posted to find all the kits. Thanks! Ya I guess I’ll upgrade them I just worry cause there my main lights so I’d want a really trustworthy brand.

  40. heyy nick I just got my b7 s-line and i want to installed hid’s. do you have any link where it shows me how to. ??

  41. For the main headlights, I don’t have one yet. I don’t really recommend just dropping an HID kit into the halogen/non-HID headlight housings, there is no projector lense so the HIDs are very blinding to oncoming traffic. I recommend you go on eBay and find a full set of HID/Xenon headlights and go that route instead.

  42. Hey nick, I have another question for you, thanks a lot for helping with my last one about getting HID’s in my 08 s line A4. My next question is, How do you mod the fog lights to go on without needing the full headlight to go on? I wouldn’t mind amber (parking) lights with fog lights on wither, as long as the headlight isn’t shining. I noticed your S4 can do it but is it a mod you put in? Thanks!

  43. Hi, Nick I just recently got a new headlight for my audi a4 b7. I know that the halogen housing needs to have a 55w hid install or I will be getting a error code, so I already brought a housing with hid preinstalled 35w 6000k hid with warning canceler. Since my fog light also uses a 55w h11, would it be a problem if I install the kit you recommend since it is only 35w? I want to match the watts so the light is the same. Thank you.

  44. The fog light kit I link to in this post is 35w which is the correct wattage for the fog lights. It won’t throw an error – the fog light wiring isn’t nearly as sensitive – so you’ll be good here with 35w.

  45. Im sorry, I just have one more question. The amazon fitting chart says it doesn’t match my audi. My audi is a b7 with halogen housing. I see online it tells me h8 and some say h11, which one is the right one? Thank you

  46. I also want to know if I install 35w 6000k hid would I get a warning sign also. I heard that some people didn’t and some people did. If the error does come up so I would have to install a error eliminator?

  47. @Manto – I’ve never heard of anyone getting an error from fog lights, only the headlights. This is the exact kit I’m running on my car with no issues.

  48. Hey Nick,

    I have an 07 A4 2.0t. Huge fan of all your work, I am just about to order these HID’s for the fogs but am noticing a lot of complaining of flickering. Have you had any issues?

  49. Hey Nick,

    I have an 07 A4 2.0t. Huge fan of all your work, I am just about to order these HID’s for the fogs but am noticing a lot of complaining of flickering. Have you had any issues? Would you still recommend this exact set?

  50. I still have this exact set on my car and have had no flickering issues. The flickering is likely caused due to cars with CAN-BUS issues, but the B7 doesn’t have that on the fog lights (only headlights). If you installed in the headlights, you would likely have flickering problems – but should be 100% fine in fogs…

  51. Did install on the fogs today. Have a mild flickering going on not sure if there’s anything I can do before I put the bumper back on?

  52. I’d double check the connections are tight. Is this happening when the car is turned on (running) or just in accessory mode? Could be short on power?

  53. It seems to be better when the car is running. Did you have to ground any wires? or just the black and red plugs that align? It came with extra wires, not sure if that is for an extension or some kind of grounding..thanks for the help man

  54. Hi Nick can you elaborate on how you got the fogs to come on without the headlights being on? I haven’t been able to find a clear answer or write up on the forums for the B7. Also you would be willing to tackle a reverse led bulb with resistor install write up?

  55. Hi Daniel – in the pic above my fogs are on with the “coming home feature” and went off seconds later, I don’t have them wired independently myself. I’d like to do LED reverse bulbs but I know others have tried and been unsuccessful, so it’ll be a challenge. I will keep you posted.

  56. Hey Nick I ordered a 35W HID kit for my fogs but when they are plugged in I am getting no power at all to the bulbs and obviously a bulb out error. I tried powering the Ballasts / light etc with an external power source and everything works fine, so those components are good.

    I have a 2008 Audi A4 B7 with halogen bulbs for headlights. Could that be an issue? Any other suggestion?


  57. Are your fogs working when you put back in the standard bulbs? If not, maybe you blew a fuse?

    Otherwise make sure when everything is plugged in firmly, or try rotating a plug 180 degrees and seeing if you have it plugged in opposite or anything like that. Perhaps polarity is mixed somewhere?

  58. The halogens work fine so it’s not a fuse. The HID bulbs with ballasts and even with error cancelers (Had some lying around) work fine. I’m assuming it’s just not getting a decent connection to the factory harness.

    The fact that by A4 has halogens headlights should affect that? The wiring or needing a vag-com change that is?


  59. It shouldn’t affect it, as the fogs are halogen regardless of whether the main headlamps are xenon or halogen. I can’t think of a setting in vag-com to change for this.

  60. Turns out the original HID kit I purchased was not getting a good connection to the factory harness with what was there. Ordered a new one and everything is in and working. Waiting for it to get dark and go try them out.

    Now the next step is some kind of HID headlight conversion or replacement. Or perhaps LED bulbs… Have you had any experience with those?

    Thanks for the input!

  61. Hey Nick! Love the blog so many helpful things on here keep up the good work!!

    installed the fogs about a week ago and noticed they are not white like xenon match.. They are actually blue.

  62. Did you install 6000k? You could look for a lower color temperature if so. Other option is to change out headlight bulbs to match if you like the blue tint. Sorry that wasn’t more clear in the article – the OEM headlights are 4300k so 5000-6000k will be slightly bluer.

  63. So I have a question.. I have a B7 A4, non-S. I’m going to have to remove my bumper in order to do this install; I decided on 3000k :D. Does anyone know where a good bumper removal writeup is?

  64. Hi I already have 55W HID H11s in my eagle eye ) bi- xenon ) headlights for the b7. I have a spare HID 35W kit and was thinking of fitting it to the fogs but I wondered how it effects the light pattern not having a projector in the fogs? Is there anywhere that makes projector type fogs for the b7?


  65. Not aware of any projector kits, but the light pattern in the fogs isn’t as big of a problem since they’re so low to the ground. I haven’t had any issues anyway…

  66. Hi Eric – it should work just fine, both B7 and B8 platforms use H11 bulbs. I haven’t personally fitted this on a B8 but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work…

  67. Hello Nick,

    Love the site… quick question. I just picked up an 06 A4 S-Line and I’m interested in doing the HID fog light mod. I’m having a hard time locating the tabs to remove the fog light brackets… It actually appears that the fog light covers are part of the entire bumper and have rubber gaskets behind them to seal everything up. IE, needing to completely remove the bumper.) Can you comment/confirm on this being the case with S-Line models, or am I just not seeing the bracket correctly?

    If I have to remove the bumper to do the fogs, I might as well just upgrade the headlamps to Xenon projectors as well…

  68. Hi Jonathan – you shouldn’t need to remove the bumper to pop out the fog light grilles, it’s the same as the S4 pictured. You may just need to feel around in there if you can’t see it, there are tabs you need to squeeze/push in and the grilles should just pop right out. Hope that helps!

  69. no questions, just a thanks, nick for your detail and commitment! i shared your blog with an audi tuner, who surprisingly never had seen it, and it blew his mind.

  70. Hey Nick,

    Just wondering if you were running the stock 4300K headlights with your 6000K fogs, and wondering how it looks. Im considering either 4300K, 6000K, or possibly 8000K to go with my 4300K headlights, unless you think it wouldn’t be a good fit.

    Thanks for your input!

  71. Right now I do have mismatched temperatures so the fogs are more blue/white and the headlights are more yellow. I intend to replace the headlight bulbs eventually but haven’t gotten around to it. The OEM bulbs at 4300k are a little too yellowish for my taste.

  72. Hi Nick,

    Very helpful guide for the fog lights! Do you have any guides to change the headlights? I want them to match with my fog lights.

  73. Not yet, but I’m going to write one soon. It’s a huge pain to replace the headlight bulbs, you can do it without taking off the front bumper but personally I find it easier to just remove the bumper and headlights completely to swap out the bulbs. Luckily you don’t have to do this often…

  74. I’ve read some pretty Bad reviews on the Amazon site saying that they didn’t work after 5 minutes of installation. I’d love to get these, but the reviews are scaring me a little bit. How long have you had your’s on, and have you had any problems? Thanks!

  75. Zac – I’ve had mine since writing this post, so over 3 years now. Maybe the quality has gone down hill since then, but mine have been excellent.

  76. hi Nick, how do you make your fogs independent. I tried but then my left headlight stopped working. also how code my car with my vag-com to RTW (rest of the world)

  77. Nick,

    I would like to do this, but would really want to have a projector shroud (thats what its called right?) to focus the beams. How would you incorporate that into this DIY? Would one fit inside the housing? Recommend any kits with that from retrofit source or the like? Id appreciate the input.

  78. I’ve seen people do this before, so there should be a way to make it fit, but it will be snug. You’ll want to pickup some mini H1 projectors which will accommodate an H11 bulb as well. RetrofitSource definitely has the best reputation but will be a little pricier, if you wanted to just try something cheap initially something like this might do the trick for $40:

    Let me know how it goes, I should probably do a similar mod myself…

  79. Nick,

    So basically that sort of thing would just have to go in from the front of the housing (plastic would have to be pried off then re sealed) and it looks like it would screw in tight to where the bulb goes in? Do you remember seeing threads where the bulb inserts, or is it a different type of connection? I have considered buying extra fog housings to tinker, but theyre around 60 bucks I think.

  80. I think you’re correct on needing to reseal, I’m hoping it would be similar to the headlights though and a pretty straightforward job to do with a heat gun or hair dryer. The bulb isn’t really threaded, but it does twist & lock into place, if that makes sense. You can pop off the fog light grille and fog light housings in <5 minutes per side, the grilles come off using just your fingers and the housings are just a T25 bit IIRC, so you might just want to pull one out and try to get an idea of how hard it would be to take apart or not...I'm pretty sure I've seen someone on Audizine do this in the B7 A4 forums, but can't find it right now...

  81. My understanding is that the bulbs are all the same, just the engine is different, so you should be fine. Double check your owners manual to make sure it is the same bulb size first if you’re concerned.

  82. I just finished the fog light upgrade. My hands are all scratched up from trying to mount the ballasts. I had to build up the mounting tape in order to make it flush with the plug and play connector. Then the trouble was finding a flat piece of plastic to mount to that would also not have the metal part of the ballast touch any plastic. I ended up mounting to the ceiling of the fog light opening. I am fearful that the tape won’t hold and therefore cause the ballast to drop from the ceiling its mounted to and onto some plastic to melt. Thoughts?

  83. The 3M Double Sided mounting tape is pretty strong, you’d be surprised. Did they change the design so that you had to mount the ballast flush? On mine (as pictured) there was enough cable that you could mount the ballast out of the way quite a bit…

  84. hows it going Nick. great website lots of helpful stuff! i have an 08 b7 with halogen headlights. any way i can have my fog lights on without my headlight having to be one. i also don’t have the auto headlight switch.another question, i still haven’t figured out how to remove my front bumper…. such a pain. hope you can help. thanks!

  85. Hey Nick.

    Nice website, lots of cool helpful info.

    I want to swap the fog halogen fog light bulbs with either LED or Xenon, what do you have to say, which to go with, need your opinion, LED looks easier all I need is a resistor (50W) ?

    Secondly the light temp you picked 6000 yet OEM is 4300 right ? I just want to make sure I have both headlight and fog lights same colour temp.


  86. Correct on the color temps. I haven’t tried to run LEDs in the Fog Lights but you are probably right that all you need is a resistor. I’m not sure if the light output would be as good though, in my experience LEDs are better for DRLs but for projecting light further a Xenon kit with ballasts tends to be more effective.

  87. Hey Nick

    Kool site lots of info thank you.would you by chance know the part # for the fog lights that are pictured ? That is the bolt pattern I have on my B7 s line, every time I order them they seem to send me the wrong bolt pattern which is much smaller, please help as possible thank you

  88. Nick, awesome site man. I’ve been looking over a bunch of your posts and it’s great to see how detailed you are. Quick question, I have a B7 A4, and I’m looking to add a something to the fog light area, such as a honeycomb grill or something. Do you know of any “plug and play” fog light grills that just snap into the tabs for a non s-line B7 A4?

  89. Do the 6000K’s look blue? I thought 5000K was the last until they start looking blue, am I wrong?

  90. Hey Nick, thanks for all of the great info ! I recently just did a halogen to HID swap on both the fogs and main headlights on my B7A4 which originally had the indipendent fog mod done. Now that both are HID the independent fog mod is no longer working. I used the same fog kit recomended from amazon and a set of OEM mains. Have you ever experienced this before? If so I’d love some advise on correcting. Thanks again for all you do with your blog!

  91. If you changed the headlights to OEM Bi-xenons, did you update Vag-com coding as a result? Generally you’d need to update Vag-com when doing this, in which case you may have changed settings that disable Rest of World feature for independent fogs that needs to be recoded.

  92. Just an FYI, the procedure does NOT work for a non S-Line A4. On the standard B7 A4, the fog light grill is not removable and is molded into the bumper. The screws holding in the fog light are not accessible from the front and you’ll need to remove the whole bumper to gain access.

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