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TAG Motorsports Open House 2017

It was a hot, sunny day in Vista, CA for the third annual TAG Motorsports open house. I took my TTRS up there to check out some of the goods, and got to snap a few photos while I was there. Being next to HRE Performance Wheels there was plenty of wheel bling on display, and got my proverbial wheels turning (pun intended) on what wheels I should get for my car when budget allows.

Oddly enough, the most noteworthy cars there were Mercedes G-Classes. Pictured above is a Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared, which was is the Mercedes answer to the Ford Raptor, more or less. If you’ve never heard of it, check out this article on Motor Trend about it – this truck is bonkers. The example above is even more bonkers with a Brabus tuning package, making this one of the most expensive SUVs in California.

Next to it was a Brabus tuned G65 featuring an AMG V12 engine…so yeah, that’s some serious German muscle too. This car also had a unique wide body and a ton of Brabus body work, giving the 4×4 squared next to it a run for the money for the most unique G-Class on the lot.

Not every car was a G-Class though, including the Vorsteiner equipped McLaren above. This car had an amazing paint job with some cherry metallic undertones in the sun, and the gold wheels really popped. I wish I could tell you which model this is, but I’ve honestly given up trying to keep the McLaren naming conventions straight. Maybe a 670LT?

Also on hand was this gorgeous matte Nardo Grey Audi RS7 Performance, with custom forged HRE wheels. I had the chance to drive a RS7 last year and couldn’t believe how fast they are – while not the flashiest car at the show, it was probably one of the quickest.

HRE was definitely the most well represented wheel brand, and even had this M2 with their new FF04 wheel design that has really caught my eye. The new M2 is definitely my favorite M2, and this color combo suited it well.

Inside the shop was even more Audis, McLarens, and BMWs, including a new B9 S4 with red interior that looked great. It’s awesome to see these cars being modified already, and I have no doubt that this car will be really popular in the Audi scene.

Along the street was the San Diego Audi Club, as well as a bunch of other head turners from an old Lotus Espirt to a CLK Black Edition. Check out the rest of my pics on my Flickr, as well as a few more of my favorites below.

It’s been great to see this shop grow since I attended their Grand Opening three years ago.

Tag Motorsports Open House 2017

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