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Symbolic Cars & Coffee October, 2013

Porsche CGT at Symbolic

Now that I’ve settled into my new home in San Diego, California, I’m starting to attend more and more car-related events, and today I had the privilege of checking out Cars & Coffee at Symbolic Motor Cars. Symbolic is the official Lamborghini & Bugatti dealer for San Diego and deals with a lot of high end cars, so I had some high hopes to spot some exotics and they didn’t disappoint.

Bugatti Veyron

This cars & coffee was particularly enjoyable as it fell on my birthday, and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the last birthday of my twenties than checking out nice cars while sipping on Starbucks. IMG_6531

Of course, I had a keen eye for an Audis that showed up, such as the R8 pictured above. While I do love the R8, I was actually most excited to see Adam’s Rotors old B7 S4, one that I had seen many times on Audizine and Instagram but never in real life. I had the chance to chat with the owner who really enjoys the car and gave me the scoop on how the car is doing – always great when a car like that winds up in the hands of a new owner that appreciates so much.


Even if you weren’t an Audi fan-boy extrodinnaire such as myself (lol), there was plenty to enjoy at the event. From Lamborghinis to BMWs, there was something for everyone. My personal favorite was the Carrera GT, but the Bugatti Veyron they had for sale was also quite the attention grabber. IMG_6534

IMG_6543 IMG_6546 IMG_6564 IMG_6573 IMG_6579 IMG_6592
IMG_6623 IMG_6632 IMG_6660 IMG_6662
IMG_6600 IMG_6618 IMG_6620 IMG_6643
Check out my full album below on Flickr, and thanks for checking out my blog as always!

Symbolic Cars & Coffee Oct 2013

Nick Roshon

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  1. Some really mean cars here. I particularly like some of the Audis! Kind of jealous, I bet there’s amazing car culture in Cali.

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