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Porsche Club of America San Diego Region (PCA-SDR) Concours at Spanish Landing


My friend Rodg of Bright Motorcars invited me to crash the local Porsche Club of America chapter’s Concours d’Elegance today and snap some pics. The PCA is known for having well organized and well attended events, and this was no exception – a gathering of gentlemen, ladies, and expertly crafted cars from Stuttgart of all vintages and styles. Just pulling into the spectator parking lot we could tell it was going to be good with Ferrari 458s, vintage BMW 2002s, M3s, and my S4 lurking outside in the “not good enough to get in” section 🙂


The event had a little something for everyone from aircooled to watercooled, stock to modified. The PCA took over the “Spanish Landing” section of San Diego overlooking the San Diego harbor and had plenty of room for everyone to spread out. The event was focused on having the cleanest car, and the owner really took to this theme to the point where you were hard pressed to find a finger print, smudge, or brake dust anywhere unless it was intentional.


After going to one too many Euro “scene” events, it’s nice to go to a more laid back event with a bit of an older audience – there were huge crowds, Mustangs doing burn outs, or other shennigans…just a free range car show where you could spend your time really studying and appreciating every car.


Some of my favorites were the 993s – I’ll probably never own one given the massive price inflation they’ve seen over the last few years, but Porsche really did a lot of things right with that body style, interior, and even the allure of having some of the last aircooled engines is pretty enticing. This mint 993 Turbo 6 speed is likely to continue to appreciate in value yet is totally suitable for daily driving, something not many collectors cars can say.


There were also some really cool resto-mods at the show, including this 70 RSR tribute that the owner regularly tracks and autocrosses. This was by far one of my favorite cars here that would make any awesome weekend toy.


Another favorite was this 993 Carrera on Kinesis wheels – while nothing special (i.e. not a Turbo S) from a production standpoint, it looks great and is clearly enjoyed by an enthusiast, capturing the spirit of what car clubs should be all about. Those who follow me on Facebook or Audizine may know that I’m contemplating selling my S4 again to finally join the PCA as a member/owner myself, and cars like this make me want to hurry up and pull the trigger (although in all likelihood, I’ll go for a 997 C2 given its cheaper and more DD friendly).


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