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LA Auto Show 2012 Coverage

Audi A8 lowered on big wheels

My friend Tom was fortunate enough to attend the LA Auto Show this year and took some pictures which he’s allowed me to share here. Audi had a great presence, where they introduced several new diesel models for 2013, citing the gains in fuel efficiency and new “clean diesel” technology as advantages of the engine technology over standard engines. Audi also introduced the #FuelForThought campaign using Tagboard (built by Josh Decker, founder of QuattroWorld) for people to submit ideas and pictures related to Audi’s diesel technology.

Audi TT S-Line Competition

Audi also introduced the new TT S-Line Competition, a special variant of the 2013 Audi TT that has TT-RS inspired body work and interior treatments. It’s a great option for those who like the base TT but want a more aggressive appearance to it. It sure looks great in red, as pictured above, but maybe I’m a bit biased towards red cars…

2013 Audi S5

Speaking of red Audis, they also had this 2013 Audi S5 on display and man is it even more beautiful than the original (which is a modern classic to begin with, IMO).  There were a fleet of Audis present, mostly in red or silver, and all of them gave me plenty of #FuelForThought as to what cars I’d be buying if I had the money & need for another one 🙂

Bentley GT3 Race Car

Audi wasn’t the only marque at the show however (of course not!) and there were some other beautiful cars there like this race prepped Bentley Continental GT3. Bentley’s are mostly known for being demure grand touring cars, so it was neat to see one that looked nothing like “Grandpa’s” Bentley.

Morgan Aero 8

Morgan brought the Aero 8 to the show, and this has always been one of my favorite cars. It’s super unique and has amazing body lines. I’d own one of these in a heartbeat if I had the disposable income to justify it.

Lamborghini Gallardo

There was also a large presence of vehicles built by tuners chock full of aftermarket parts, like the white Gallardo pictured above, or the beautiful E92 M3 below:

E92 M3

Last but certainly not least is a really cool hybrid car called the “Land Shark.” IT is based off of a Mosler MT900 GTR XX but then heavily modified beyond that (as if a Mosler weren’t crazy enough!) to create the hybrid supercar you see below. It has a twin turbo engine that runs on a combination of “petrol, methanol, hydrogen and ethanol.” There is an in-depth article about it on WorldCarFans for more information, and the author of that article has some skepticism about the performance numbers; although I can say without skepticism it sure looks cool.

Thanks again to Tom for sharing the pics!


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