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Impromptu B6 Avant Photoshoot


I recently got together with my friend Moyzes and Rafe to install Recaros in Moyzes’ B6 A4 USP Avant, and afterwards we met-up with another local Audi enthusiast named Justin for a quick photoshoot. I did not have a tripod with me so please forgive the grainy photos, but I did my best to edit them to look a little better. I’m still getting the hang of Lightroom too, so bear with me or better yet give me some links of good tutorials in the comments section if you know any 🙂


I hadn’t seen my friend Rafe’s B6 run in quite a while – it has a 1.8T that was stroked to 2 liters, then a Garrett 3076 turbo and a lot of custom work to make it insanely fast. The car is sporting RS4 brakes, BBS CH-R wheels, a Thule Box, and a full S4 front-end, among countless other little touches. I really like how these wheels look on the car, and it’s got me thinking about redoing my BBS CHs if I keep them.


But Rafe didn’t have the only Artic White B6 A4 Avant there – Justin’s USP also showed up looking super OEM fresh. He has plans for new wheels (OEM RS4s) and KW V3s on order, so it will be cool to see what all he does with this car. His plan is to keep it very OEM-like, much like Moyzes has with his:


Moyzes’ B6 is still one of my favorites with its OEM B7 RS4 wheels that have just the right amount of poke. His new Recaros were much needed to get rid of those weak stock seats, and he has plans for oCarbon to wrap his trim, too. Moyzes is a great guy who has helped me out a ton with my car, unfortunately the pictures of his car probably turned out the worst since photographing a black car in low light proved very tricky.


Last but not least, my car was there too – I have the BBS CH wheels back on for the time being while my Volks get redone, and I have to admit I really like these wheels. I’m going to be very torn which set to keep or sell when I get the Volks back, or I might just keep both. I am very happy with the recent headlight refresh to paint the inner housing dark grey and get rid of the amber reflectors again – I don’t know why I waited so long to do that…

IMG_8959There’s not much more to say other than it’s always great to get together and chat cars with like-minded people, so without further adieu here are the rest of the pictures I took that turned out halfway presentable:

IMG_8999 IMG_8979 IMG_8977 IMG_8975

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