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Audi Branded Wheel Covers (Totes)

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After transporting my track wheels in the back seat of my TTRS covered in a bedsheet for my last track day, I realized it was past due to pick up some wheel totes. I had a generic set of wheel totes last year that I bought off eBay that eventually wore out, so I thought I’d see how much the “genuine” Audi wheel totes went for. A quick eBay search showed that they’re actually pretty cheap – just $50 plus shipping from Audi Henderson. Score!

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I got the product and the quality is much better than the “generic” wheel totes I bought a long time ago for $30 (similar to these). These wheel totes are manufactured by Kurgo, and the stitching, fabric, and velcro is much more heavy duty.  For an extra $20, it seems like a good investment – and they look a lot nicer to boot.

If you transport your wheels often, I highly recommend these. Your tires get VERY dirty, and if they brush up against anything in the interior it is very hard to get tire marks out. They also look much nicer in your garage, and give more of an organized experience rather than just a bunch of “spare parts” lying around. You can also buy the optional felt pads to protect the face of the rim if you are concerned with the wheels banging into each other, although I opted to skip that since I have plenty of rubber on the wheels to take care of that – if you’re running stretched tires, those are probably a good idea to get the wheel felts, too.

Any other ideas for storing wheels? In the future I hope to build a wheel rack for my garage, but in the meantime this has been working nice.

Nick Roshon

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