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Featured Ride: Blake’s Modified Ibis White Audi RS4

Track Setup – 18×10.5 Enkei NT03+m Wheels

I’m really excited about this month’s featured ride – it’s my friend Blake’s Ibis White RS4. Blake, also known as koolade9 among many Audi enthusiasts, is the kind of person that makes the Audi scene special – he’s the kind of guy that will loan you his last gallon of race gas when you’re in need (he has) and help you troubleshoot why your seats are still throwing error codes despite doing everything right (he has). Add to that, he has a unique style that leaves all of us Audiphiles drooling and wishing we had thought of it first. From his super concave ADV.1 street wheels to his beautiful yet functional Vorsteiner double sided vented carbon fiber hood and his love-it-or-hate-it bright orange track wheel setup, Blake knows how to make his RS4 stand out – but this car isn’t all show…far from it. His huge 370mm 6 piston STaSIS/Alcon big brake kit and his top of the line STaSIS Ohlin coilovers help him nail each apex at the optimal speed, and his APR tune and ported & polished intake manifold help the car speed out of that turn right away. Top that off with an enthusiast grade audio setup and you’ve got something for everyone in this RS4. Enough blabbering, on with the pics and the mod list!

Street Setup – 19×10 ADV.1 5.1 Wheels

Check out his full mod-list and see how this RS4 has the perfect blend of show, go, and sound:

Engine & Powertrain modifications:
STaSIS cat-back exhaust (custom fitment)
Port & Polished intake manifold
APR tuned ECU
Stratmosphere short-shifter
034 transmission mount
Apikol rear diff mount

Suspension & Braking Modifications:
STaSIS Ohlins motorsport coilovers w/Swift 14k front & 22k rear springs.
Stern adjustable upper control arms
H-Sport 24mm adjustable rear swaybar
STaSIS/Alcon 370mm rotors w/6-piston calipers with Carbotech bobcat pads (Street) & xp12/10 pads (Track)

Exterior Modifications:
19×10, et29 ADV 5.1 Wheels wrapped in 275/30 Michelin ps2s (Street)
18×10.5, et30 Enkei NT03+m Wheels wrapped in 265/35 Hankook RS-3s (Track)
Vorsteiner double sided carbon fiber hood
RSQuattro carbon fiber trunk trim
Black Optic front grille w/satin black filler plate
Cleared corners
Color-matched front & rear side-markers

Interior Modifications:
TT-S flat bottom steering wheel
Recaro sportster CS seats w/pressure plate & heater element retro-fit
SRP aluminum pedals
Topspin 4-point harness (Track)

In Car Electronics:
OEM RNS-E Navigation unit (P hardware) w/VIM unlocked running sw0270
Kufatec IMA basic-plus
OEM rear view camera retro-fit
Alpine 6-disc DVD changer flush-mounted in glovebox
Audiocontrol overdrive line driver
Audiocontrol DQT w/DDC hidden under the steering column
Precision Power pro6800 flush-mounted on the rear shelf with custom fiberglass shroud
a/d/s 344is component set in custom fiberglass kickpanels
Hertz space-8s mounted in each door
Image Dynamics IDQ12v2 mounted in a custom fiberglass enclosure in the driver side trunk well.
Stinger wiring and interconnects
(3) 0.5 farad Lighting Audio capacitors in passenger side trunk well

And now, for the rest of the pictures…enjoy!

The mighty RS4 in track setup with the FRRG team at Wuste 2010 in Las Vegas, NV:

Blake’s super clean street setup on super concave ADV.1 wheels:

A close up of the track wheels & BBK. The Enkei NT03 wheels are totally custom and were redrilled & refinished in bright orange by Rotiform, you won’t see another Audi with anything like this!

And a close-up of his street setup – talk about nice shoes!

Another rear quarter shot in Laguna Hills, CA:

And a few parting shots, Blake ripping it up at Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, AZ:

Photo Credits to myself, Blake, and Wallace. Interested in becoming a featured ride? Send me an email or become a fan on Facebook and post up some pictures and a mod list!

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  1. Nice write up, dude. Short and to the point. You hit on the key points. Your blog will now be a regular stop for me. Keep up the good work…..BTW, the RS4 look sgreat, Hollywood:-)

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