Menzerna 3 in 1 Polish

So far I’ve covered my tricks to make clay baring less miserable (Nanoscrub Wash Mitt), getting a deeper paint correction (Meguiars DA Microfiber Paint Correction Compound), and now for the final step – the finishing product. If you had already paint corrected the entire car and just wanted something for a deep shine as a final touch, I might recommend something different…but since I only paint corrected a few panels that really needed it, I wanted a finishing product that also had some cutting power in it so that the rest of the body panels also got some minor correction too. This Menzerna 3-in-1 Cut, Gloss & Wax one step polish paired with a few Lake County White Polishing pads was the perfect tool for this job.

Like the paint correction compound, the trick is to use as little product as needed – your pad should feel dry to the touch once you’re done, so if it’s saturated with product you’re doing something wrong. I used the full 6,000 RPM speed my Porter Cable orbital doing about 6 passes per panel, starting with more pressure and finishing with a very light pressure. As far as polishing products go, applying this is very simple, straightforward, and normal.

The end result speaks for itself – the paint looks absolutely incredible. I’m still giddy with it the shine, despite having sold my car and not being able to admire it in person anymore. In fact I’m so excited I’ve caught myself going around the house looking for things I could polish next (looks like my wife is getting an early xmas present for her Ford Focus!).

I was impressed how well the product did in the areas I didn’t paint correct first – they had really great shine and no marring or swirls…but at the same time, a really, really deep shine. I didn’t end up using a sealant, and since I sold the car I can’t comment on how long the shine holds up either; but based on the reviews I would expect the results to be long-lasting and the car to be well protected for the harsh New England winters it is headed for.

Thanks for tuning in – leave a comment with your favorite “all in one” polish and wax, or alternatively if you’re a purist who doesn’t believe in all-in-one products let’s hear from you, too!

Nick Roshon

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