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Audi R8 GT Photoshoot in Daytona Grey

Audi R8 GTMy good friends at Audi North Scottsdale recently got in a very rare car – the all new Audi R8 GT, one of just 90 Audi R8 GTs that Audi will import into the US.

What makes this R8 GT even more rare is the color – it was special ordered in Daytona Grey, an Audi Exclusive color. In my opinion, this could be the most perfect color combination for this car. The Daytona Grey compliments the matte carbon fiber so nicely, resulting in a subtle yet beautiful marriage of several shades of grey.

This car is currently for sale, so if you’re interested give Brian McCauley at Audi North Scottsdale an email at or call him at 480.538.4036 if you’re interested.

Audi R8 GT Front

The R8 GT takes the standard R8, subtracts weight, adds power, and improves aerodynamics through a number of ways. The result is a quicker, lighter, better sounding and better looking version of the R8 that only 333 owners worldwide will be fortunate enough to experience.

Let’s start with the aerodynamics…

The aerodynamic changes are both immediately noticeable and easy to overlook. Some changes, such as the rear wing, you’ll notice right away. Some things are more subtle, like the rear view mirrors  – they are flat on the top (as opposed to standard R8 mirrors which are curved) to be more aerodynamic at high speeds:

Audi R8 GT Mirrors

The other aerodynamic pieces include front splitters, a front air dam, rear diffuser, rear wing, rear brake venting, and revised side intakes, just to name a few. Most of these pieces are also in carbon fiber, which make them all the more stunning.

Audi R8 GT Rear

Weight savings include the extensive use of carbon fiber throughout the car, a lighter battery, lighter carpeting, a carbon fiber reinforced plastic rear hatch, and even a lighter rear windshield, adding up to a total weight savings of 180 pounds in the US (and 220 lbs in Europe).

An added benefit of the carbon fiber diet is the sheer beauty of the carbon fiber Audi used – instead of a glossy finish, the carbon is in a matte finish for that authentic race car vibe:

Audi R8 GT Gas Cap

Next, Audi added power – an additional 35 horsepower was achieved through a more free flowing, louder & more amazing sounding exhaust as well as a more aggressive tune on the engine, allowing that V10 FSI to really shine, especially since it has less weight to move around. The air intake system was also revised. The result is the sound of a truly exotic car.

Audi R8 GT Engine

To accommodate the extra power, the car’s aerodynamics help keep the car glued to the pavement, creating up to 6x more downforce than the regular R8. The car also has a different suspension that the standard R8, opting for an adjustable coilover setup that can be fine tuned & corner balanced to the owners preferences. Audi also equipped the R8 GT with massive Audi ceramic brakes, which match the GT fender emblem quite nicely:

Audi R8 GT Ceramic Brakes

Moving to the interior, the driver is surrounded by alcantara and yep, you guessed it, more matte carbon fiber. It’s beautiful, and I’m sad to say my pictures don’t do it enough justice.

Audi R8 GT Interior

The door panels, dash trim, and even the gear for the shift knob are all in alcantara. The flat bottom steering wheel is super thick and my guess is it would be a thrill to grip while driving the GT at a track:

Audi R8 GT Steering Wheel

Perhaps my favorite detail of the R8 GT’s interior is the shift knob, custom etched with the vehicle number, reminding you just how rare the car is you’re about to drive:

Audi R8 GT Shift Knob

Last but not least, I thought it was cool that the dealer had 7 R8s in stock, 6 of them within the showroom floor. I took a quick picture of what I would refer to as a little slice of R8 heaven:

6 R8s

Bonus! I just added a video, so you can get a sense of how this looks in real life!

I took a bunch of other pictures as well, so check out the full gallery below!

Audi R8 GT

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