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Audi Q5 named one of the top Luxury SUVs by Kelley Blue Book

Audi Q5

I just got a media alert that the Audi Q5 was named one of the 10 Best Luxury SUVs by, and as a proud Audi owner (and big fan of KBB) I wanted to share this great news here! The Q5 was chosen for this distinction thanks primarily to its design and styling, as well as the 2.0L engine, which are two of the reasons I’ve always admired and recommended the Q5 myself. The Q5’s 2.0T engine is nearly an identical to what was equipped in my old A4, and it really is an AMAZING engine – very peppy and fun to drive in sport mode, yet very fuel efficient and smooth for daily driving purposes…the best of both worlds. SUVs are rarely fuel efficient nor fun to drive, so the Q5 wins high marks in both fronts from me. I’ve had one as a loaner car while getting my car serviced and was quite impressed with how it drove, as well as how nicely appointed the interior was.

Audi Q5KBB editors also commented on the Audi Q5’s style in their review, and although design & style are subjective, I have to agree with them there. It’s a very good looking car to begin with, and looks even nicer with a set of aftermarket wheels like the car pictured above. With so many “luxury SUVs” on the market, I think the Q5 is unique in that it’s understated (not gaudy like a Range Rover) and handsome (unlike the Lexus RX, which has a soccer mom image). The interior is also equally as well designed, featuring the trademark Audi attention-to-detail ensuring that everything fits together nice. This would be a great car for a road trip with plenty of space and comfort to keep you feeling fresh on the road for hours…

Congrats to Audi on the award, and also kudos to KBB for recognizing excellence!


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