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1982 Audi Quattro Group B Car Sold for $368K at Bonhams

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The legendary Group B rally cars are what gave Audi, and its Quattro AWD system, a reputation in the racing community and ignited a passion for many enthusiasts such as myself back in the 1980’s. While it’s not uncommon to see many enthusiasts try to recreate these legendary cars using a Audi Coupe GT or even a Sport Quattro, it’s very rare to find the real deal for sale.

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Bonhams sold this 1982 Audi Quattro A1 Group B Rally Car (Chassis no. WAUZZZ85ZDA900012) for £247,900 (US$368,210) this past weekend in Goodwood, making it one of the most expensive Audis ever sold at auction. This particular car was driven by Hannu Mikkola, and has an incredible history as detailed on the auction site:

Mikkola used ‘900012’ (at that time in Group 4 specification) in the 1982 Monte Carlo Rally, finishing 2nd behind the Opel Ascona of Walter Rohrl, and in that year’s Swedish Rally in which he finished 16th. It was then retained for training duties well into the 1983 season before being converted by Audi to Group B specification and sold. Its purchaser was the Finnish VW/Audi importer and for the next few years the Quattro would be driven by the famous ex-SAAB rally driver, Antero Laine.

Laine’s first outing with ‘900012’ was the 1983 Lombard RAC Rally, from which the car retired. He went on to win the Finnish Rally Championship in 1984 and ’85, and the Arctic Rally three times in ’84, ’85 and ’86. In 1987 the Quattro was sold to Erkki Heikkurinen, who used it to win that year’s Mantta 200 Rally, and then in 1988 passed to Sakari Vierimaa. The car was driven throughout that season and into 1989 by Markku Valtonen. Sold to Raimo Skog in 1989, it was restored by him and used to compete in rally sprints and ice races in Finland. In 1991 the car was purchased by Anders Carlsson, the well-known Audi collector in Sweden, and placed on museum display.

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The widebody and a shorten wheelbase of this car give it epic proportions, and the 20 valve I5 turbocharged engine gave off the most magical noises as rally drivers such as Mikkola tore down the course at full throttle.

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Check out the page on while it lasts, and enjoy these pics I managed to grab so that if/when the auction page is taken down the pics will live on, even if they’re not very high res 😉

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